Not a good week for NBD.....

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  1. voodoobassist

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    Jun 9, 2008
    Tulsa , OK
    Putting this in the humor section because it's better to laugh than to cry. :rollno: So the big bass buying adventure starts with a craigslist ad,.......

    Guy advertises a musicman sub for $170. Shows a pic of the sterling ray,....hmmm,..pretty interested. I text him and we agree to $150. :hyper: I get my stuff together, jump in the car to go meet him,...and I get a phone call. He says he just finished researching the bass, and it's worth 600 bucks. :scowl: I tell him that's the new price of a sterling ray, not what they would sell for used. Ask how much he wants now, and he sticks to $600. I tell him lots of luck and turn around and head back home.:meh:

    Next up is a Fender MIM fretless on GC's used site,..price drop to $149.99! :hyper: Try to get it yesterday, but store is closed for turkey day. Try to buy it via their online sales, but price still shows the old price of $299.99. Talk with customer service, they tell me to call the store this morning, they open at 7:00 AM,....that's 6:00 AM my time.:eyebrow:
    Set my alarm for 6:00, get up, grab some coffee and call. The manager tells me they are too busy to deal with a phone order, but will put the bass back for me and will call back in a few hours. :confused: Around 10:00 I call back, ask for the manager, he comes on the line and tells me that when he pulled the bass, he saw a huge bow in the neck,....the truss rod is broken.....:bawl:...Maybe the moral to the story is, thankful for the nice basses i already have and forget about chasing "deals" online. Or maybe I should just be glad the only turkey I bought was of the edible variety. ;) Happy thanksgiving to all.
  2. kcole4001


    Oct 7, 2009
    Nova Scotia
    You just weren't meant to buy either of them.
    I would have just laughed and hung up on the first guy.
  3. hrodbert696

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    Any craigslist deals, I make a point to tell the person that I won't take any changed price offers once we agree to meet up. Unless the condition of the thing is just not as advertised, haggling happens beforehand. Not worth driving somewhere to meet up only to have them offer less or demand more.
  4. mpdd

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    Mar 24, 2010
    it's gonna be 15 days total before i get my black 83 l2k, gcs online ordering and shipping system is kind of screwed up right now, and when u add in veterans day and turkey day, 5-8 business days, yeah right
  5. RichSnyder

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    Jun 19, 2003
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    Might be good that you didn't meet up for the first one. Sounds like it could have been a "jump you for the cash" deal.
  6. voodoobassist

    voodoobassist Supporting Member

    Jun 9, 2008
    Tulsa , OK
    Well,..I broke down before tonights gig and ordered a used squier vm fretless. Talked with a bassist that worked there and he said it was a player. Will cross my fingers and hope it's a decent one. For $190 I don't expect miracles, just a decent platform to mod on.

    Cybersnyder, I always meet at very public places when I do a CL deal. Taking a friend along is a good idea as well. Also, you don't have to have a permit to carry a tazer in Oklahoma.....;)