Not an amp, but a rack accessory question/rant

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  1. Why is it that no one sells a decent rackmount tuner for less than $200? Even the Fender unit is $150, and they admit it's the same circuitry as their $50 stompbox unit. You can get perfectly serviceable tuners for $25. But put it in a rackmount box and all of a sudden they're $225. Ok, larger displays are more expensive, but not that expensive.

    And why doesn't anyone make a 1/2 rack space tuner? It would be a perfect size, and fit right next to my Stewart PB power amp.


    -- Sam
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    Jul 21, 2003
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    I think the one Behringer is coming out with will be under a hunge. It seems to have the features of the more expensive Korg rack tuner.