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Not another Overdrive question!!!

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Mohawk Freak, Oct 3, 2002.

  1. Mohawk Freak

    Mohawk Freak

    Mar 8, 2002
    I have been searching the archives over this but don't seem to have found quite the answer I want.

    I am using a SVT-3 pro head which has a nice creamy tube sound to it anyway. If I max the gain and the tube gain I can get quite a good overdrive sound.

    a) Constantly changing the amp settings can be a pain in the Arse.
    b)I desire more OD than can be achieved by this method alone.
    c)I seem to lose a certain amount of attack. This may be a problem inherent with OD but the volume level seems to waver and lessen on attack to some extent. Not sure if this is normal.

    I am interested in a stompbox only. Reading various posts the Fulltone Bassdrive and the EBS Multidrive seem to be favourites. (I was interested in the budda phatbass but according to Biggie I wont get much more out of it than my SVT).

    My criteria are:
    1) PLENTY of OD! I want to go beyond the capabilities of my SVT.
    2)Control. I like to tailor my sound. (though if a pedal has a blinding sound I don't mind sacrificing tweakability for sound quality [the philosophy of a phase 90!])
    3)A GOOD SOUND!!! Creamy-growly tone!

    I'm using a Washburn XB600 (active) and a passive Aria pro 2.

    I appreciate that this is a personal taste matter but I really want your opinions. I checked out the Harmony central reviews but they dont quite answer my questions.

    ...and I dont have the luxury of sauntering down to the music shop and trying them out!

    Please help un-befuddle my head! :confused:
  2. Yeah, it's really hard to get a controlled overdrive from an SVT... The Budda Fat Bass is a really good overdrive, but not as dynamic as most analog or trasistor based distortions. I guess you want a more organic controlled overdrive? Which is sort of hard to achieve when you are saturating your signal into it. Actually I've found that most guitar overdrives work really well on bass, it's just when you go into harsher clipping and wave based rectifications that you begin to lose most of your low end. You can buy a guitar overdrive and they're easy enough to modify yourself or cheap enough to get someone else to do that mod for you. A friend of mine got an Ibanez TS-10 tube screamer and did this, he put in an input buffer (gowlier midrange) and bass expander switch, which is basically as he discribes it as a low pass filter that routes out the lowend and cleans them up... it sounds fantastic on the bass, especially in hot mode. The Fulltone Bassdrive is based on the same circuitry as the Tube screamer so you might want to check that one out.
  3. Jeff Moote

    Jeff Moote Supporting Member

    Oct 11, 2001
    Beamsville, ON, Canada
    Well, BF had a good point. I'd look at the Fulltone and SansAmp Bass Driver. The BDDI seems to fit what you say, almost the way I use it. It has a good range of clipping (light to heavy), controlable sound through bass/treble and presence controls, and gets really growly when set to a b/t cut (mid boost) and a low blend of high drive to clean.
  4. Mohawk Freak

    Mohawk Freak

    Mar 8, 2002
    Thanks BF. Good dissection of what I wanted. I'll rob my guitarists TS7 and see how it sounds on monday. Modding could be the way forward. However, I'll have to BUY my own first then pay someone £25 to mod it (as I'll just screw it up!). I could just pay out for a fulltone!!! (since I'll inevitable HAVE to buy some vintage S/H TS10 or something). I like the look of the double switch on the fulltone. What do they both DO exactly? :D

    MontyP, a lot of people hammer home the virtues of the BDDI. Whilst it sounds good, I don't need the DI feature (though they do sound like an invaluable backup if your rig goes down!!) and as they are quite expensive I don't want to pay for a feature I'm not using. Sounds good though.

    Anyone know how the sansamp BDDI compares to a fulltone, and for that matter how they compare to the EBS multidrive (which gets rave reviews on harmony central). For the time being a Tubescreamer it is though (as I'm skint!).

    Thanks for replys so far!
    Love you all!!! :rolleyes:
  5. CS


    Dec 11, 1999
    Tubescreamers are notoriously light on bass (frequencies) and have a mid range hump that can upset the 'transparent' fanatics. The Fulldrive/Bassdrive circuit lessens the bass loss and the FM mod (current on all new ones) stands for Flat Mids.
  6. BryanB

    BryanB Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Dredgetone Angler.
  7. Mohawk Freak

    Mohawk Freak

    Mar 8, 2002
    You gonna give me a comparative review for that, or point me in the direction of one. I appreciate the recommendation (I've seen you enthuse about this before), but I need to know how it performs relative to my needs and against the other pedals mentioned here.

    A "popularity contest" is no use to me! We could recite our favourte Overdrive like a mantra and yet still be none the less wiser!!!

    Nice try, more effort next time, C- :D
  8. Jeff Moote

    Jeff Moote Supporting Member

    Oct 11, 2001
    Beamsville, ON, Canada
    What's a fulltone go for these days? I realise they're a great OD, but the BDDI is IMO about the same, with more shaping options (technically a 4 band EQ).

    However, I completely concur with your logic of the redundant features for you, but it's there, you don't have to use it, and I don't believe the BDDI is more than the Fulltone. I just checked: Musictoyz lists a Fulltone at ~$180, while I paid $150 new for the BDDI online.

    Whatever you choose is fine with me, I really don't care but that's my opinion and hopefully it helps.
  9. Jeff Moote

    Jeff Moote Supporting Member

    Oct 11, 2001
    Beamsville, ON, Canada
    BTW, a good TS clone that has 2 band EQ and is recommended for bass is the Reverend Drivetrain II for only $100. Sounds great in theory. I'd like to try one.
  10. Mohawk Freak

    Mohawk Freak

    Mar 8, 2002
    Hmm, cheers montyP. Your opinion is very much appreciated. Last price I was quoted for a BDDI in a music shop was over £300 (that's STERLING!!! Bloody pricey!) However, in this wonderfull world of internet we need no longer be chained by the extortionate prices set by greedy music shops!:D

    Actually, I may have tho opportunity to try out some Pedals soonish. Going to London to see my GF so it depends what the shops have in stock. (For anyone who knows what I'm talking about, I'm going down Denmark Street, but I KNOW there must be other good music shops around. Anyone point me in the direction of any?) If the price is indeed similar and the sound is sweet then a BDDI may be favourite (like everyone says, great for a backup).

    2 quick questions on a fulltone: Is the tone just a treble cut?
    How does the boost affect the sound (and will it work with the left channel off also?)?

    So ok...... Now has anyone tried the Reverend Drivetrain II and if so how does it compare?! :rolleyes:


    After reading the Harmony central reviews of the BDDI I found this comment:
    This sounds like a potential pain in the arse as I run other effects and an active bass at times (with no centre notched pots annoyingly!!! Bloody washburn!)

    Also One thing I forgot to ask was does anyone know how extreme this baby can go compared to a fulltone?:confused:
  11. I would suggest the EBS , but the Sansamp is just as nice and is also a di box. So if you don't need a DI box you might want to get the EBS IMO because of the price, but you should try both of them anyways
  12. Mohawk Freak

    Mohawk Freak

    Mar 8, 2002
    heers l0calh05t. So you recon they have a similar sound? Have you tried them both? Do they both go to approximately the same level of extreme?

    On a supplementry note: I feel embarressed to ask this as I'm up on most of my web chat stuff, I've left it so long I feel silly asking now but it has to be done!!!! What the hell does IMO and IMHO (I think it is) stand for??????? :confused: :confused: :confused:
  13. IMO they have a similar sound, although of course not the same sound, the sansamp is just a bit more smooth. I am not sure about how extreme the settings can be because I normally don't turn them up to max (I only use a slight overdrive most of the time)

    BTW IMO means : In my oppinion and IMHO: In my humble oppinion, although both of these are in the TalkBass FAQ AFAIK :D
  14. Mohawk Freak

    Mohawk Freak

    Mar 8, 2002
    Confused? You will be! :D

    Alright smartass! I didn't think of the FAQ! lol!

    I've just downloaded some MP3's of the multidrive and I like the sound. Very phat in tubesim mode. I'll try to collect MP3s of the others from their sites if they have any.
    Anyone have any for the Fulltone bassdrive, Dredgetone Angler, Reverend Drivetrain or more for the EBS Multidrive? Many thanks again!!!
  15. Mohawk Freak

    Mohawk Freak

    Mar 8, 2002
    Mega cheers! Amusing reading if nothing else! :D
    Now back to the Overdrive question!!!!!
  16. Jeff Moote

    Jeff Moote Supporting Member

    Oct 11, 2001
    Beamsville, ON, Canada
    That guy's complaint of noise is BS, IMO. I play an active bass through some effects from time to time into the BDDI and there's 0 noise. I agree, with the treble maxed on the bass, and with both presence and treble boosted on the BDDI, there is noise, but that's expected... use reasonable amounts of treble or presence on the BDDI at a time, and you'll probably be fine.

    I still would like to compare a Drivetrain, they appear really nice in theory.

    P.S. Geddy's sound is attainable w/a BDDI, but to get there, you must simulate/create the sound of a Ric (like Geddy) play with certain technique (like Geddy) and boost/cut similar frequencies. If you do all this, the settings exist to create that tone.
  17. I have personally never had much luck with using any Sansamp product in anything other than a studio situation. They don't seem well designed for a live EQ setup or something; more tailored to give you a great sound through the board. When used with a tube amp they have been likened to "wearing contact lenses with your glasses." Make sure that whatever you go for, you try it WITH the band and not on it's own, solo. What sounds harsh or midrangey on it's own may be just what you need for slice? I say go Angler.
  18. Jeff Moote

    Jeff Moote Supporting Member

    Oct 11, 2001
    Beamsville, ON, Canada
    Good advice. I actually think he's likely right about the doubling of purpose/bad result thing. I have really only used it with a SS amp, but you should try it.

    I recommend trying everthing and buying the one you like most (always the best way), but just wanted to share that I like my BDDI.
  19. Mohawk Freak

    Mohawk Freak

    Mar 8, 2002
    These are all real gems, cheers lads.

    I guess trying stuff is gonna be the best way forward. However, since I don't have a friendly stockist of above items who'll let me take them home to try in a practise situation I guess I'll have to buy them all and keep the one I want! :D

    Yeah right! (Oh, for that kind of cash!)

    I feel that my search for the ideal OD with my setup is not gonna be a short one. It's probably gonna be a case of buying what I think sounds best from trial/MP3's/reviews and buying others if I think it's not quite my tone so I can A/B them and keep the best. (And I thought it would be simpler slimming down my effects chain!!!)

    I'd still be very interested in any MP3's of:

    Reverend Drivetrain II
    Dredgetone Angler
    Fulltone Bass Drive
    Sansamp BDDI
    EBS Multidrive

    I'm interested in hearing a nice creamy OD and the limit of OD each pedal can be reasonbly pushed to (Not useless white noise though! lol!)

    You've all been really helpfull. Cheers TB Bro's!

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