Not enough Bass players?

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  1. I am back playing, almost a year now, again after taking about 20 years off. Believe me, I wasn't great to begin with.

    I am playing with a group of guys from work, these guys got me back into playing. After a few months and looking for an additional challenge, I answered a Craigslist item and went on an audition with another, more established group. To my supprise, I got the spot. I now play with both groups.

    (I actually surprised myself in going on the audition as I am usually too intimiated to even try out a bass at guitar center, in front of other bass players)

    I make my share of mistakes and have a limited song base. But I do not play too loud, have good equipment and I am always on time with a good attitude, pay for my share of the brewskis, and make an effort to learn the songs.

    Both groups tell me I am a good bass player (I don't know how I fooled hem :smug: ) and how glad they are that I am playing with them.

    Do you think there just aren't enough bass players to go around, or is it just that other musiciamns do not listen to what the bass player is playing? Or is a good attitude and being on time more important than talent?
  2. purfektstranger


    Apr 10, 2003
    I think modesty might have something to do with it. You are obviously having fun with what you do and the jamming is going well. You make an attempt to learn the songs and don't sponge beers off your buds.....enough said :)
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    Probably all that plus:

    Some ppl have that "X factor" that makes them appealing to others. You obviously do.
  4. Plus there's always a market for a good solid pocket bass player, everybody loves playing with them.

    You may follow a super duper gunslinger showoff bass player, think you don't stand a chance, and they end up loving you.

    People look at the Wooten wannabe's at GC and think that's what they should shoot for... not exactly... Nice to be able to do that for a solo. Harder to turn that off during the groove than it is when all you can do is the groove, cause you're not a soloist.

  5. I actually do feel like there is a real lack of bass players. I have turned down more than one band this year because I don't think I can devote enough time to learning all the material I would need to know while I'm in school. If I did leave a group I was in, they would probably be unable to replace me simply because all the bassists I know are already as busy as I am with it.

    That said, I must agree with everyone else that it sounds like your attitude is helping you out. No band leaders want to deal with a bassist who wants to show off. That's not really what bass is normally about. If I had to choose between hiring a likeable, competent player and someone who was intent on slapping 16th-note triplet feels every few bars, I know I would prefer the more modest player.
  6. this explains so much for me!
  7. Christopher


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    Both. A lot of "bass players" are proud of the fact that they have limited musical knowledge and no technique (not to mention bad attitudes and work ethics). They think it makes them somehow authentic. If you can remember half of a three-minute song and show up to the gig on time, you're good.

    Also, most of the time, the other musicians in the band have no idea of what *a* bass player actually does, let alone what *their* bass player does. I've been in some instances where the rest of the band will suddenly be like "That's really cool" off of something I was doing for three months.
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    Jul 1, 2005 you nailed it right on the head. My bandmates have no clue and one used to play bass so hes at least following some of the stuff i do. Its funny everyone seems to know the guitar ,drums and vocals but few know the bass unless its another on bites the dust or some other song that the bass leads.The guys say to me that was cool you really hit it tonight ...i say thanks and mumble to myself really i have played those songs forever and you never said a thing :D To Old i am in the same boat plyed for years but only go serious about 3 months ago tryed out for two bands the fist time in 25 years and landed both gigs...kept one left the other. I also think they think i am better than i am but i am seeing that i am decent and getting better...playing with others helps the most of any training you can do! I show up study train bring my own beer and play...attitude is everything and worth more than a million notes crazy tapping and slap happy monkey playing...besides who want s to hear a bass solo anyways :spit:
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    There are so many bass players here it's rediculous. Everyone plays. Many are good.
  10. WesC


    Nov 18, 2005
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    When I was playing drums in Boston, there were never enough good bassists around--bassists, period, in fact. And the few that were, were always busy. You'd think in a town like Boston with several good music schools, including Berklee, finding a bassist would be easy. But no.

    And any kind of musician with a humble easy going attitude is always a plus that will help you land gigs. :)
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    Jul 1, 2005
    Funny i thought the same thing there are a ton of bass players here so where is the shortage? So many in my area jump band to band for the $$ and gig out as often as they like.....yes its good to be a bass player...dont let the secret out :cool: