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  1. I was hanging out with my guitarist buddy today, and we went to Music Go Round, a small little music store that buys and sells used gear. Anyway, while he went to sell his brother's Washburn, I proceeded to check out their bass selection.
    There was some nice looking stuff, but nothing that really caught my eye, until, to my bewilderment and delight, I saw a beautiful Fender P-Bass in sparkly, Arctic white finish, with the P/J pickup configuration and no pickguard. It played and looked amazingly. As I looked at the price tag, to my surprise, I saw that it was Japanese! I had never seen nor played a MIJ Fender before, and was truly excited to have had this experience. The price read $400, which seemed like a great price to me, especially for such a high-end bass.
    As I continued my investigation of this piece of art, I noticed it had a signature on it. This of course made sense, since it played so wonderfully and sounded so perfect! Unfortunately, I couldn't make out the signature, and the only thing that the price tag said was "FENDER P/J LYTE JAPANESE." Confused, but still in awe, I made a vow to come back and buy it, after I have bought a Fender Bassman 400, and when I have the money...and when I have a job. :rolleyes: :D Ah, nevertheless, that bass shall be mine!!! :D
    Does anyone have even the slightest clue of what I am talking about? Have any other Atlanta TB-ers been to this music store and seen this specific bass? Any and all comments appreciated.
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    Apr 17, 2002
    it is a p-bass lyte.
    very nice.
    there is one the papper in daytona with a 100 watt crate amp for $400. and really cheap on ebay

  3. Thanks man! I think eBay has some nicer looking deals than that Music Go Round store. Wish they had more white ones.

    I did some investigation online, and found some info at Harmony Central. They had a review of the Deluxe version, and some people found it to be extremely lacking when recording. Makes me a little worried, but still...
  4. I played your "Object de desire" today.

    Not bad but as with most of the "lyte" P"s and the Deluxe Plus series, the body is a little small for my frame. I had a Deluxe Precision Plus - very similiar MIA bass with the same neck. I loved the neck but the body ruined it for me.

    Your bass looks decent in most all respects but could probably use a bridge upgrade. That one was a bit worn. These aren't going to be collectors items soon, so upgrading and hot-rodding might just be the thing.

    By the way, this store is always up for a trade or some haggling with their prices. You shouldn't take the sticker as gospel. Go in there and give 'em hell.

    Good Luck
  5. Thanks, I will definately be doing that ;) Hopefully, they will still have it by the time I make another trip over there (with money). I live maybe 45 minutes to an hour away from that area.