Not liking Eden EX112, try Neo 112 II or NY12?

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  1. A month ago, I ordered up an Eden ex112 8 ohm. For quiet rock band practice and quieter restaurant type rock gigs with my markbass LM 250 and P Bass.

    Haven't done any gigs with it yet, but so far, not really delivering for me at practice. Loud enough, but missing low bass, and maybe most importantly for me, mid-range.

    Wondering if anyone has recent experience going from the ex112 to a GK Neo 112 or markbass ny12. I say recent experience, because, sounds like the ny12 has changed in last couple of years, and I'd also like to think that the ex112 has also changed for the worse.

    The Eden has the number of really sloppy cosmetic flaws, but I could fix those GIF the sound was working. Which it currently isn't. May take advantage of Amazon's return policy...

    Ex112 does sound really good as an extension with a 15, but, almost never need more than 1 x 15, and often need less.
    Thanks, first post at this excellent site!
  2. I used the NY121 for about ten years on its own.

    It's not a bassy cabinet, but probably has more low-midrange honk than the Eden. That honk made it sit very well in a band setting. So while it was a bit weird on its own, it blended very well, and stayed mostly clear except for the useless Piezo tweeter. It's a shame that MB insists on sticking those cheap Le Son's in their NY cabinets.

    The GK cabinet sounded more hollow than the Eden and the Markbass. I didn't like it, but many people do - so best to try one.
  3. Thanks, definitely appreciate the input!... Going to keep trying to get the Eden ex112 working for me. Hard, because it takes a bunch of guys making a bunch of noise. ;)

    The markbass ny-12 is available at a somewhat local Guitar Center, will probably check it out. Sounds like that thing changed in approximately 2016, so, looking for input regarding the current version!

    My amp head before the markbass LM 250 was a Peavey Delta Bass. Really liked it as long as I put both the mid knobs (sweepable frequency and amplitude) at about 2 o clock. So I seem to like the middy sound. But I noticed that gigs with borrowed bass amps were often better, more lows available. The markbass seems to cover that well. ;)

    EDIT: (I have a feeling that new bass strings may help. Roundwounds. But I usually go six months, and it's only been three months.)
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