Not much tonal variety on Gibson EB5

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    May 17, 2020
    New Mexico
    I bought a used Gibson EB5, 2017 model, through the mail from a nationwide seller. I listened to about a dozen audio clips on youtube and the Gibson website. On the videos the bass had significant tonal variations with the tone knob, which is a treble cut, switching pickups, and switching the pickups to the "tapped" position.

    The EB5 I got doesn't seem to have these tonal variations. When I turn down the tone knob it just doesn't seem to cut the treble that much. When I switch pickups it also doesn't change that much, and same thing with the pickup coil taps. By comparison my passive Fender Jazz has a lot of change when I adjust the tone knob or turn down one of the pickups. I suspect the Gibson had an electronic mod by the previous owner because there are a couple of other minor mods to the bass.

    So, does anybody know a good way to see if the electronics were modified? The pickups look totally stock. I'm attaching a picture of the electronics cavity. I'm not sure if the picture says much. Maybe other EB5 or EB4 owners can compare it to their own. A Gibson rep on the phone said all three pots are 500 k.

    But I do like very much the deep growlly and powerful sound of the bass.

    I also read at least one posting on this website from a guy who said his Gibson, not an EB5 or EB4, has the same situation. Very little tonal variation, but still has one great sound. Maybe this is just a Gibson characteristic and the youtube videos were very high fidelity.

    I'm running through an Orange Crush Bass 50 Watt 1X12 amp.

    Thank you.

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  2. I had the same problem on the 2013 version of EB5. Changing the tone pot and cap made the world of difference.

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    May 17, 2020
    New Mexico
    What kind of pot would you suggest? How do I know what kind to get? Plus I don't have a solder gun (just a real one LOL), so I'll have to find someone. BTW, do you still have the EB5?
  4. Well, you'll just have to get someone else to solder it for you then. Any standard size 500K pot will work just fine, split-shaft. The cap is probably a bigger deal, you might have to play around with values, but 0.33 or 0.22 should be fine.

    I sold my EB5 because I couldn't get used to the neck profile. The sound was great though.

    Good luck.