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Nota-Note first issue.

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by nanookanono, Mar 20, 2004.

  1. Hello tbeers : a few words from tb-fan from France

    I'd like to share you this info about my teacher, Bruno Chaza. After three months work, he's just finished his first "Play along" (sort of), and I think you could probably enjoy trying his nice bass lines.

    This is what he means :
    "Nota-Note is a new series from Welty Editions. It will introduce bass players to a variety of musical styles, presenting note-for-note transcriptions of
    selected pieces.

    First volume of the series focuses on the music from Brian Nova. This extraordinary jazz guitarist from Seattle you probably already heard. We chose the most intimate ensemble: trio.

    This method illustrates playing styles that a studio bassist can develop. This book is appropriate for students who already are used to read music, as well as those who strive to reach this level. In order to provide students with accessible transcriptions, electric bass parts have been simplified.

    You could use the CD as below:
    First, tracks 1-5 are original recordings of trio, with Bruno Chaza on bass,(except track one which is only a bonus track without score).
    Next, tracks 6-10 feature same pieces, without the bass part. You could try to reproduce the parts written in this volume (except track 6), but also
    build your own lines, reading chord patterns.

    Price for "Nota-Note with Brian Nova" (CD included) is 20 euros. For shipping ask Bruno. Order can be done on Bruno's web site: www.brunochaza.com. This website is not in English yet (soon to come), but you could however find parts, videos, music, gear, information on Bruno's work, etc …

    Better get in touch directly mailing Bruno CHAZA at [brunochaza@hotmail.com].

    Bruno Chaza, has already created two other methods in French "Cl├ęs de Basse" and "Mots de Basse". English issue is soon to come as: "keys of bass" and "Words of bass".
    I am actually studying "keys of bass", and I love all these pages of standard classical blues, all original lines, that fit so well to play hearing "blues in all keys"'s cd from Aebersold.

    As well, he's written original wonderful melodic lines for 350 standards!, he can send them if you ask to.

    You won't regret knowing Bruno: he is irreplaceable nice musician among those excellent bassists, elements of French touch!

    For further information on Brian Nova, please have a look on his own website: www.briannova.com. You could find Ponyboy there www.ponyboyrecords.com."

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