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Notation Reading/Learned a Funk Line

Discussion in 'General Instruction [BG]' started by greekbassist, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. greekbassist


    Jan 5, 2006
    Hi Everyone,

    I found a great book for Fingerstyle Funk.

    In this book it has styles from Alphonso Johnson, Jaco, Jerry Jermont, James Jamerson, etc.

    Yesterday, I learned an Alphonso Johnson line :hyper:

    Okay, I have a couple questions.

    I can read rhythm notation pretty good (however still learning how to read notes)

    My problem is when I count ALOUD, tap my foot and play my bass with a metronome rhythm count get's messed up...

    Eventually at SLOW pace I am able to count and play slowly, but it wasn't until I heard the example on the CD when I really started to groove.

    Quesition #1 Does it get easier (with practice) to count funk rhythm while playing bass or is it just better to just listen to the example?

    Either way I learned my first funk vamp and now I am convinced I am groove a master now :) JOKING

    Question #2 Being that I am new at playing bass when I learn different vamps and stuff is it best to play them in different keys? Also, when learning lines is it best to make a up a chord progression using the same rhythmic funk lines?

    If anyone can answer my two question I would much appreciate it....

    Thanks Greekbassist!
  2. Practice and experience will make things come together for you. It sounds like you're on a great start.

    What's the name of the book?
  3. greekbassist


    Jan 5, 2006
    Thanks for the words of encouragement stedtale!

    The book is called Classic Funk and R & B Grooves! I really like it!!!

    Some cool Jamerson, JACO, Jerry Jermont, Verdin White, Larry Graham (not slap) and other examples of playing..

    What I like in this book was that the drums and bassist are playing in REAL TIME and then all the riffs and licks are written in notation..

    There is No drum machine, but a really drummer...VERY Cool!!

    I can see the importance of learning R & B and Funk...

    I would tell any bassist (especially Rock basssist) to learn
    R & B and Funk as it REALLY helps GROOVE!!!!!