Nothing Serious, the Drum Sessions

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    Jun 25, 2012
    My friends and I had just finished our last exams and decided tomake some music. They wrote two rap verses in about 20 minutes, and I came up with all basslines on the spot. We then went to the drum room and recorded the first song in about 3 takes and the rest were one take each. The vocals on the first song were overlayed after, also the kid playing drums has played like once in his life before, so don't expect anything top notch.


    listen if you want to be amused or frightened. We only had one microphone so that's why everything sounds so messed up.

    I present...




    PS. There is profanity.
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    your salespitch did it! THIS MUSIC IS AWEFUL

    I didn't listen, coz I don't want to hear a non drummer try to drum

    In my day we waited til we had something worth sharing before we errr shared it lol