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SOLD Novak BS-DS (Darkstar) with Coil Tap and Custom Surround

Discussion in 'For Sale: Parts, Strings, and Accessories' started by Metropolis_488, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. Price:
    Not even a month old (see the date on the pickups - 7-30-17)
    -- 19 mm spacing (Fender bridge position - but it will ABSOLUTELY work fine in the "P" position)
    -- Coil tap between Bi-sonic and Darkstar specs. NOTE: This is NOT a humbucker with a coil-SPLIT - that is entirely different. This is a true single coil pickup where Curtis taps the copper wire (the coil) at the point in the winding were the resistance meets the Darkstar spec, and then the same coil winding continues until it meets the Bisonic resistance spec. I don't know what the different resistance specs are and Curtis doesn't have them on his website. You can use a push/pull pot to switch between the two sounds (they are very different)
    -- Included is a nifty black surround that a) brings the pickup closer to strings (the pickup was actually designed for this) and b) will cover that bridge pickup cavity from your Jazz bass :)

    The pickup cost me $330 less than a month ago. I am selling this for the regular (no tap) price, plus the surround (made by Jeanie Pickguards about 10 years ago - now you would need WD to custom cut you the same thing for about $40).

    Asking $275. Shipping to CONUS included. I am happy to ship international, but it will cost more.

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