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SOLD Novax (Ralph Novak) AX-6 semi-hollowbody guitar w/ Tom Short P-90s!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Other Stuff (Not bass related)' started by marcwhy, May 5, 2020.

  1. marcwhy


    Apr 21, 2012
    Available for purchase:

    Novax [Ralph Novak] AX-6 semi-hollowbody guitar!

    Original owner, this was custom built by Ralph in 2009; the original Bartolini pickup was replaced by a custom P-90 made by Tom Short. Neither Ralph nor Tom are building these days, so this is truly “irreplaceable!” :D In excellent condition!

    Novax site.

    From the web:

    “The Novax AX-6 or AX-7 is an arched-top semi-hollowbody guitar that combines traditional design aesthetic with modern styling. Created for the jazz musician, the AX-7 features the patented Novax Fanned-Fret system for rich, warm trebles and clear, focused basses with an extra-long bass scale length for our low-A 7 string that delivers a “tight” tone, and an extra short treble scale length for our high-A model. The AX-6 has our exclusive XR (Extended Range) neck as standard specification.

    The standard model has a solid spruce top with a fully chambered mahogany back, a mahogany neck and ebony fretboard. [AX6: $3,500. AX7: $3,700.]

    The AX-6 and AX-7 guitars are also available with a figured, bookmatched maple top which produces a brighter tone with more “edge” (see photo.) [Add $200.00]

    The basic electronics package includes a Bartolini “soapbar” passive neck pickup which is specially voiced for a warm, clear jazz tone.

    This comfortable, well-balanced guitar will delight you with its responsive tone and natural playability.”

    This one comes with a walnut top, Gotoh tunes, 1 3/4" nut width, and Novax Innovations individual bridge system.

    The “XR” scale length is 25 – 27”, and the sound is big and clear! Gotoh tuners; Novax Innovations individual bridge system. This is your chance to have the real-deal when it comes to a first-class, fanned-fret instrument. The neck is slim and comfortable. If you haven’t actually played a fanned-fret guitar, they take no time getting used to; your left hand will not know the difference!

    Just had this professionally checked up (see receipt), and it’s in fantastic condition! Comes with a custom made Ameritage “Silver” hard shell case!

    A note on how Ralph wires things (and don't ask me about "pots" or "k's," cuz I don't know!): the Volume knob actually cuts off some trebles, so with the P-90 at about half volume, it's a pretty mellow tone; with the Volume full up, it has a bit more edge, and the P-90 can scream if you hit it hard! So, jazz, blues, or whatever, you can get a few sounds just by adjusting the Volume. [I don't think I ever mess with the Tone control, either!]

    Shipped to the lower 48: $2400 !! [OBO; I will consider shipping elsewhere for actual shipping.]

    Vid of Don Latarski:

    Novax concept.

    novax - repair.jpg novax front body.jpg
    novax full.jpg
    View attachment 3817036
    novax back body.jpg
    novax case.jpg
    novax front head.jpg
    novax back head.jpg
    View attachment 3817027
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