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  1. I just completed an intonation job on my bass. Now I have completly set up a bass, from start to finish. It took about 4 months but its there now. I'm sure I'll be tweeking it here and there.

    The bass came from Japan in the beginning of Nov. 2005. It came with a dead straight neck and a truss rod nut fully tight. The pups needed such a set up that I had to extend the pole pieces upward through the windings to get an even volume from the split humbuckers.
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    Aug 5, 2003
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    Its a good thing to know how to do. Ive always set up my basses. I dont see whats so hard about it, everything is reversible.. Only thing that can really be dangerous is truss rod. But everything else, I dont understand why people dont take it upon themselves to learn.