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Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by kbakerde, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. kbakerde


    Jan 24, 2012
    I'm gonna owe Sweetwater a lot of money for a long time. So as many of you know I am sure, Sweetwater did their 36 month financing deal over presidents day. So I decided to buy a new HSC for a newly acquired bass. While I was at it, I saw some modestly priced pedal boards, and decided to upgrade that while I was at it. Also to follow will be a NPD, but that will be a different thread.

    So this is an unboxing and initial impression of my chosen pedal board. I am going to be honest, this was not my first choice. My original plan was a Pedal Train Jr as I felt it would fit my needs perfectly and not be too big, however it was not a part of the special and I looked elsewhere. Ultimately it came down to two choices, the Gator GPB and the T-Rex Tone Trunk.

    There were a few things I liked about the Tone Trunk, I liked the multi tier flat design, and I thought it was superior to Gator in it's sizing offerings. However, I was concerned about the quality of the product, and it's fairly flat without many holes and slots to run wires under the boards. Also, I saw several reviews highly recommending the Gator, so that is the direction I went. The Gator basically comes in two sizes, Small which can fit about 4-5 Boss sized pedals, or the large which is approximately the size of a Pedal Train 2. As a Plus however, it comes in pretty colors. ONTO THE PICS:

    Lest you forget what you purchased, the name stamped big and proud on the box

    The Gator case ships in a padded gig bag. Basic black, but pretty sharp looking.

    The bag has a pretty decent pad to it, and it has these nice plastic feet on the bottom for when you set your case down. It's a soft case and does not have plastic peices to keep the sides rigid. So it will slump a little .


    The opening of the bag. I picked a nice orange color, I like it. The board fits nice and snug into the case. There is also mesh pocket on the inside of the lid, nice place to put cables etc.

    The board comes with three Velcro pieces already cut to the proper width of the board which is nice.

    The board itself is nice and sturdy, but isn't too heavy. So it's a really nice compromise. It certainly looks pretty. It comes with a hole to fit a power cable through for a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power, and you see the Gator logo nicely embossed on the side. Looking underneath the board, it has 4 rubber feet to keep it both from slipping as well as scratching up your floor. It also ships with the bracket to hold a power pack, which is certainly a nice touch.

    The board itself is quite roomy. I got the large as I have two Fuzzrocious pedals on order, a Grey Stache and a Dark King. Also coming in a future NPD will be a Flashback Mini and a Chorna Chorus, so I new I would use more room than I do now. The bottom row is great, the spacing is perfect to hold the pedals down firmly. Another knock I have on the GPB is that the depth of the pedal board is only 10.5" opposed to the comparable Pedal Train at 12.5. This means that the pedal train gives you a top row with a full beams to put your pedal on. Meaning the pedal is attached by velcro at two points the top and the bottom. The GPB though, has a single row of velcro, should you choose to mount your pedals vertically, they are only fastened by a single point of contact in the middle. I didn't find this to be secure, so any pedals I put on the top row will likely be turned horizontally.

    And here is my current pedals fully assembled. The diagonal perforations in the board are nicely placed to allow you wire your pedals up and keep the mess controlled and out of the way. See how my Eneloop Pedal Juice at the top is mounted horizontally to keep it secured better. This limitation I feel means you could not put as many pedals on this board as you could a Pedal Train, but it still meets all my needs. I also have a shot here of the back how I have my cables tied up and out of the way. With 4 new pedals coming in the next two months, I know my board will be changing a lot, so no reason to go the zip tie route yet.

    Putting the board back into the bag. You do need to take a moment to make sure you put it in securely all the way at the bottom. But it fits in easily and has plenty of room to hold tall pedals and to make room for what you put in the mesh bag. I was easily able to put my instrument cables, my earplugs and some pics in the bag. A nice all in one solution.

    All packed up and ready to go to rehearsal!!

    So I only got this today, but it's a fun buy. The orange is actually a nice contrast color from a lot of your pedals. The board is solid and is well made. It might scratch and the paint might chip, but it will hold up to a lot of abuse the way it's built. I am impressed with the case, it's comfortable to hold and easy to carry. If you are looking for a well built pedal board, and it's important to you to have it a pretty color, I can easily recommend this. If you only have a small number of pedals, check out the small size. If you are a pedal-a-holic and need maximum space, your still probably better off with Pedal train. Even the Classic 2 which is the same size save for 2" of depth, they also have larger boards to fit an ungodly number of pedals.

    For my needs, this will be more than enough, and I am very happy with my purchase.
  2. XXL

    XXL calm seas dont make skilled sailors

    Jun 14, 2007
    I'm getting mine hopefully tomorrow with a soft case. I'm upgrading from a PT Jr. to the Gator to fit more pedals but not take up all the stage space.
    Glad to see the soft case is nice and I can fit my Iso Brick in the ready made bracket.
    My hunch is we will see more of these Gators in the pedal board threads.

    Edit: I think Im going to add another strip of softside velcro on the very top of the board to get another row of pedals vertical and secured.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2016
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  3. kbakerde


    Jan 24, 2012
    In considered that as well. If I need the room I will do the same. But it is a really nice board. What color did you get?
  4. XXL

    XXL calm seas dont make skilled sailors

    Jun 14, 2007
    Overdrive Yellow! Looks like the DOD 250 type yellow in the pics.

    Yeah Im going to try and fit a bunch of pedals on there.
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