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NPD - Chase Bliss Brothers

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by jmone, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. jmone


    Mar 1, 2010
    I've done a ton of research on this pedal and there's little information online specifically for bass. There's some video demos but nothing really with any basses sounding close to what I play. I'm really creating this thread so that the next bassist who looks up this pedal on Google can see another positive review.

    I've been hunting for my dirt pedal for a long time now. Though I haven't bought a lot, it's been almost a year of trying what's accessible to me/reading up online. I HATE the term but I error on the side of "vintage" tone. For the most part I'm just trying to get my Passive P into my Aguilar rig to sound like what's in my head. I don't play any "heavy" style of music as it's mostly Rock inspired or RnB inspired genres. Over the last year I narrowed down what I needed to (numbered based on priority):
    1. Subtle overdrive to cut in certain sections. Just enough to pop out of the mix when I want need/want to.
    2. Something that sounds awesome driving my LPF.
    3. Some regular 'vanilla' overdrive - which at one point just seemed impossible to achieve. I really convinced myself that maybe overdrive wasn't the sound in my head and should just focus on items 1 and 2.
    I don't know what possessed me to pull the trigger on this thing especially since I'm so hesitant with any pedal without bass demos on their website but I did anyway... and the Brother's delivers on ALL fronts.
    1. Subtle Overdrive - Check. The boost circuits are exactly what I needed and touch sensitive which lets me get some hair on my notes when I want it. There's some love to both circuits here depending on what I'm going after.
    2. Driving LPF - Check. I'm thinking the JFET Fuzz in Parallel with the IC Overdrive is the sweet spot but there's definitely more experimenting to be done there.
    3. Regular useable overdrive - Check. The JFET Overdrive is the sound that's been in my head my whole life. It was suck a EUREKA! moment when I turned it on.
    As an added bonus, the IC boost is going to be an always on for my passive basses (I will have to experiment more with my active stuff). Overall I like that I can get the Brother's to sound "synthy" all by itself or make it sound as subtle as I need it. For the lack of a better word, the pedal has a lot of dirt "bandwidth". Most pedals are either too subtle leaving me wanting more or full on with very little grey area, but the Brothers let's you touch every single point in between. I'm very happy to have found the ultimate dirt pedal for me and I haven't even touched the dip switches yet...

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  2. Sunset Shalom

    Sunset Shalom

    May 9, 2016
    Chase bliss make some really cool stuff, seriously expensive but really cool.

    I think the most impressive part is how much they manage to pack into compact enclosures!

    Hope to score the Wombtone eventually at a reasonable price, it seems like the nicest analog phaser out by far drool
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  3. jmone


    Mar 1, 2010
    Fully agree! I don't really mind spending the dough if it's going to stick around and I'm happy that the Brother's is here to stay. I also have the Tonal Recall as well and was just amazed. Wombtone and Warped Vinyl are on my watch list. No immediate need for them but maybe sometime in the future.

    IMO the CBA stuff picked up where the Mooger Foogers left off.
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