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    Nov 4, 2011
    Yesterday I picked up a custom pedal from cog effects. It's a 2 channel blender.
    Every channel has a
    • phase switch
    • clean volume knob
    • loop volume knob
    • Low Pass Filter for the clean signal when channel is engaged
    • Bass & Treble control for the loop signal
    Foto 27.10.16, 00 03 22.jpg

    I use it two clean blend 2 dirt boxes, a big green muff and a rat clone.

    The lowpass filter on the clean signal is genious. It enables really a smooth blending of the clean and loop (dirt) signal. After using a Boss LS-2 for almost 7 years, i realized how crucial a phase switch is, that was the main problem before with the muff that sounded just thin with the LS-2.

    Again awesome work by cog effects. The pedal is supersturdy and i love the brushed alluminium look.

    full board: Foto 27.10.16, 00 03 16.jpg
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