NPD Cog Effects T-70 & TK-421

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  1. These arrived yesterday and they are awesome can't wait to use them with my band next week.
  2. dharmashawn

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    Oct 20, 2010
    T70 is an absolute killer!!
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    Good timing (May the 4th).
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    Apr 23, 2015
    Nice! Love my Rogue One!
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  5. Wow can't wait for a demo of the tk421
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  6. Quick report: I am loving both pedals. The T-70 sounds so great and the tracking is amazing for an analogue pedal. The TK-421 finally I have found my dirt sound. Can't wait to use these with the band next week.
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  7. Any comparison to say the mxr bass distortion or the old 421x? I know mr excane will probably do a demo of the new one eventually but I'm too impatient!
  8. I never played the old one so can't comment. The only MXR distortion I've used is my M80. The TK-421 is grittier and more grundy than that. I have a TC dark matter which is good but the TK just sounds better. The other dirt pedals I have are Fuzz pedals.
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  9. Yeah I know I shouldn't cos my dirt base is pretty covered but thinking of replacing my aftershock with this... have my mini66 for massive overdrive, mbd1 for soft yet harsh distortion just missing my "turbo rat with clean blend" sound minus using an original turbo rat and ls2 or something... the aftershock rats are good but just not the same.
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  10. cnltb


    May 28, 2005
    Is the TK421 a custom Job?
    Didn't see it on the site...?
  11. It's the unreleased mkII of the 421... same as the 66, it's now going mini enclosure and boss size enclosure instead of the big 421x when I was talking to tom a few months ago.
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  12. Not knowingly. I met Tom at the London bass guitar show and he had one on his demo board so I ordered it with the T70. I believe it will be in the stock pedals but am not 100% sure.
  13. cnltb


    May 28, 2005
    Thanks...and it's a distortion pedal?
    The same as the mini 66, so basically a renaming of an existing pedal?
  14. It's an interpretation of the rat distortion, see the old version at
    Cog Effects - TK-421-X Bass Distortion

    I was about to pull the trigger when it got pulled into no longer available land.
  15. @TG Flatline - is there any way you can confirm any of the release or other info or does that go against the forum rules?
  16. Just for your information, I spoke with Tom yesterday and he told me that "the TK-421 is ready to be re-released, with a higher spec on the new version, which will include a clean blend, all in the same size as the Mini 66".

    I'm a little bit undecided. I'm looking for an OD with some good range from low gain to more aggressive tones. I don't do hihg gain stuff often, but since I want this to be my only dirt pedal (except for fuzz) I'd like to have a good range. Is it better to go with the TK-421 or the Mini 66?
  17. By the way, no offence to Tom but finally... been waiting ages for the new tk421 :(
  18. I haven’t used the 66, but there is a lot of scope in the TK-421, it does have a light side but has a lot of grind, which is what I wanted. it can go very heavy. I loved the tone and the fact it’s my sons initials. Mine has the clean blend so you can control how much distortion.
  19. cnltb


    May 28, 2005
    Whats the tk 421?
  20. A Rat inspired bass distortion pedal by Cog Effects.