NPD DOD Boneshaker from Blackarts Toneworks

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  1. IMG_20170416_194240.jpg Got lucky and picked one of these on close out, then thought I had missed out and it arrived today.
    Stoked to try it out even though the last thing I needed was another fuzz, but for 40 bucks could not resist. New plan after playing the pedal, it goes on my new little board for a jazz blues group that may be coming together. It gets the sound I have been chasing for a long time after my Systech Overdrive was stolen 30 years ago. That 3 band parametric lets me tune the right twist of tone.

    I joked with my wife that this is the surprise 24th anniversary present she didn't know she got me. Luckily she was cool with it.
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    Just an edit to the thread title.

    I picked one up from the closeout sale too. It's a decent pedal. I'm actually using it for very low OD instead of full on distortion. It works well as a low end boost to either my clean signal or stacked with other pedals
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    Sep 25, 2008
    Yeah, I got one, and I was at first disappointed because I was expecting a higher gainish metal sound for guitar like a Boss HM2. But, after playing around with it for a couple of hours on guitar and bass, it's pretty darn good for low/medium drive for bass. Works great for neck pickup work on guitar too. I put on my practice board, which gets as much, if not more, play time than my gig rig. I was looking for something to fit that niche on my practice rig, and I found it :)

    There is certain rawness to it, and it doesn't get saturated to where it gets mushy until you get into the extreme gain settings above 3:30
  4. My bad on the title if it did not have that tone stack not sure if would be a keeper with all my other fuzz choices but since it gets a tone that has been elusive it is here to shake. I do like that it has a clarity at all gain positions to have pickup changes be clear and can play chords that don't turn to mush.
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  5. Fixed.
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  6. Got to fire it up with my instrumental trip last night, sounded great even the drummer noticed my "old bass distortion tone" from the Systech Overdrive days, we have been playing together that long. All I need to do is tweak the mid gain knob to get a great range of times and the treble is perfect for taming the sizzle. No bass freq tweaking needed good present and punchy.
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  7. After a Little more tweaking absolutely loving this beast. On it's own it is a saturated bellow, pushed a bit with the xp it is perfect for verve of feedback sustain. Then fed into the UniBass it is Hendrixian