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    Jul 22, 2011
    I've wanted an Ibanez CS-9 for over a year now and got tired of looking for one used so I went to my local music store and bought this mini one. Great pedal! It's a clear, articulate, and warm chorus. Very verstaile IMO. Took it to a jam with a drummer and a rehearsal with a band (just passive Hwy1 Pbass --> Tuner --> CSMINI --> PA). It sounds fantastic.

    The construction is pretty solid. One big Speed knob, a small depth knob, and a small level knob which is pretty much just a blend knob. The smaller knobs are a little loose so hopefully that's not a problem but hey, it's the sound I've had in my head whenever I think of chorus bass.

    The settings I found to be perfect:
    Speed - 10am
    Depth - 3pm
    Level - 2pm

    Takes a standard 9v adapter negative center and positive sleeve.

    Overall, I would say it's a really good pedal. It seems to nail that Duff sound and it can do a lot more. The actual chorus sound does seem to get lost in the mix if there's a lot of stuff going on already but that's the nature of this effect. I'm just using it to fill out the sound when there is space to fill. I'll report back once I've tried it through a proper amplifier.

    Edit: forgot to add a pic, here it is.

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