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  1. Sorry for the huge picture. Been wanting this for AGES and I finally snagged one when Infanem had a sale that conveniently coincided with my tax return.

    Haven't had a ton of time to play with it, but enough to get a decent feel for it. There are a ton of options for tone shaping and fine tuning on this thing. Because of the harsh lighting, you can't see the little trimpots next to the volume knobs, but the suboctave and harmony have tone knobs and the fuzz has a tone and a gate control. There are separate volumes for sub, harmony, fuzz, and clean signal and a range knob for the harmony. There is an expression input for the range, but I dont have an expression pedal. The range knob seems to have the same effect as the frequency control on a ring mod. There is an underlying pitch to the harmony sound that changes with the knob. There's probably a better way to explain it.

    I was able to dial in some smooth synth tones and some really harsh abrasive sounds. It takes a pretty specific playing style to keep it from becoming a mess - it's a pretty wild pedal. I had to really play carefully and precisely to keep it from glitching out. Being an analog octave/harmony pedal it can be finicky, but its not hard to get a good sound out of it. One thing I noticed is that the tone trimpots seem to be backwards. CW seems to roll off the highs and CCW is harsher and more trebly. It works best around the 12th fret but tracks fairly well down to the fifth fret. Its analog, so no polyphony. Freaks out a bit when playing double stops or octaves, but you don't really need to, since this thing takes care of octaves and fifths for you. Can be fun playing an octave and letting it ring out and hearing it jump between octaves.

    I really like the dedicated suboctave circuit and found a really cool sound by setting the suboctave tone all the way clockwise and then setting the harmony mode to one octave down and then that tone all the way CCW. So it's 2 suboctaves in unison, one smooth and synthy and one harsher and more guitar-like. There is a huge range of intervals. From one octave down to 2 octaves up and all perfect fifths between. My absolute favorite is the suboctave plus the fifth shifted down an octave. Mixed with some fuzz, it creates a crushing tone that would fit a doom/stoner band as well as an electronic project. The pedal can get pretty noisy, but the gate control helps tame it a bit.

    Sorry for the disjointed rambling. Had to take a pain pill for my dang wrist pain and I'm going on very little sleep. I love this pedal and dont see it leaving my board anytime soon. Definitely not going to be my go-to dedicated octaver. It hasn't eliminated my GAS for a POG, SubT, and Pitch Bay, but it's still great for adding some interesting and sometimes crazy sounds. I havent seen much about it here, but maybe someone else has some experience with it and can offer some cool settings/tips/tricks.

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