NPD: Mesa V-Twin should resolve neighbor and home recording issues

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  1. I recently learned that my kindly neighbor had been quietly enduring the lows from my Mesa rig in her house for almost two years :( I DO NOT want to be “that guy,” so I have retired that rig from home use—including micing for home recording—until I can look into some serious soundproofing. Sheltering in place doesn’t have many upsides, but I had at least hoped to make the most of the opportunities it presented for rocking out and recording. My Peavey rig still sounds good at a more acceptable volume (top cab only now) …

    … but I miss that tube-y Mesa goodness; and the fairly popular D.I. pedal I have had for a while now has never really done it for me through headphones. What to do?

    Reverb to the rescue!

    A year or so of twiddling knobs on that D.I. pedal never got me close to my sound. The Mesa V-Twin got me there in minutes! I got it anticipating it would work well with guitar, and hoping it would work well enough with bass, but I haven’t even gotten around to plugging a guitar into this burly box yet! This comes really close to what I have been missing. Hopefully I will have the pants-flapping rig back in rotation by this fall, but this makes headphones and going direct way more appealing than they were yesterday.

    The Mesa rig’s time will come …

    … but home recording and tube-y goodness won’t have to wait.
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  2. never-enough

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    Oct 27, 2019
    Lost Angeles
    I have had one for over 20years and I don’t recall ever plugging a bass into it.
    I’ve always used mine for guitar, either into the front of an amp or as a stand-alone preamp.

    Experiment with trying different tubes in yours, I did and it made a big difference.
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  3. Try plugging a bass into yours and you’ve got a deal :bassist:
  4. cavemanbass


    Nov 5, 2010
    I’ve wondered how these would work on bass; I have a few guitar pedals and rack units that I thought would sound good on bass and then did not reproduce all the lows. Does it use a wall wart, or is it 110v? IEC?
  5. 12v wall wart. I have used it only with headphones at home (it has a headphone out), but when I tried one at a store a while back it sounded good in front of an amplifier. I have had the Mesa V-1 Bottle Rocket for a while and I think that makes more sense in front of an amplifier for me, but for phones and going direct, this will be tough to beat. I don’t notice any real loss of lows with the V-1, or the “clean” or “solo” channel on the V-Twin; the “blues” channel seems to cut both highs and lows. Looking at how this pedal is set up, I don’t think it’s really designed to switch between “clean” and “blues” in a live setting; set one or the other how you like, then kick it over to “solo” to make it scream. The “clean” channel gets pleasingly gritty without a ton of prompting.
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  6. never-enough

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    Oct 27, 2019
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    I had mine modded by the fine folks at Mesa Boogie.

    they replaced the push button that selects between the clean and blues channels with a stomp switch.

    they also added a separate gain control for the solo channel so that I could better balance it with the other two modes.

    It does in fact run off a 12v wall wart style power supply, but take note that it is 12vAC, not DC.

  7. That’s a good mod.
  8. never-enough

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    Oct 27, 2019
    Lost Angeles
    I’ve been using mine for home practice lately for guitar so it’s all set up and ready to go. Mixer/headphone output into a mic pre and mixer into my studio monitors.
    I just plugged my jazz bass into it and played for a bit, it does sound pretty dang good for bass! I was really surprised, I didn’t even turn any knobs from where I had them set for playing guitar!
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  9. DDXdesign

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    Oct 15, 2003
    MAN I loved this pedal when i played guitar; I should try to find one again for bass duty, when I have some extra cash.
  10. I finally plugged a guitar into this thing and liked it, but I think I like it even better for bass, at least through headphones.