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NPD: Mesa V1 Bottle Rocket—Not a Box of Angry Bees

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Monterey Bay-ss, Nov 17, 2019.

  1. Monterey Bay-ss

    Monterey Bay-ss Supporting Member

    (Yes, I would probably benefit from a pedalboard, but this would eat a ton of real estate, anyway.)

    As my signature suggests, I like dirty bass. However, like pretty much anybody on this forum, I like it a particular way. I wish I could remember who to credit with recently elucidating this experience, but I have looked into a number of pedals, listened to the demos, liked what I heard, had them delivered, and found that they all sound like boxes of angry bees by the time they get into my hands. Fortunately, I hadn’t repeated this process too many times before trying my usual approach of throwing a bunch of Boogie and tubes at my problems. When I saw this Mesa V1 Bottle Rocket at a good price, I pounced (and never bothered listening to demos). I’m glad I did (and didn’t).

    I already get a pleasing overdrive with my hot P basses and dimed Night Owl Industries Oscar tube preamp slamming the power tubes through the effects loop of my Mesa Buster all-tube combo, but I wanted similar touch-sensitive, non-irritated-insect-sounding results from my Gallien-Krueger-Schroeder setup and with my ATKs, as well as the ability to get a bit dirtier with any setup. I think I finally have the solution.

    Some of the pots crackle while adjusting settings, but once I have them dialed in, the pedal adds no undesirable noise. I haven’t really pushed the thing, and might never bother; a little goes a long way here. I think I’m set on this front \m/

    Just look at the glow of those tubes!
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