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    Jun 2, 2019
    I run parallel chains into both channels of an old Traynor tube head, which lets me blend a scooped compressed sound (via an Emma Transmorgrifier) with a gritty, mid-focused distorted sound (via an MXR Distortion III) and have different special effects on either side. I just bought the bass version of Saturnworks' active splitter with clean boosts to replace my old Morley ABY, and the difference is remarkable. I didn't mind the Morley box, but the tone through the active splitter is more detailed and natural. Single notes sound more throaty and chords are better defined. It's a subtle thing, but it makes a big difference in feel when I'm not fighting my setup.

    The clean boosts are icing on the cake -- I can dial back the signal going into the Emma compressor, which doesn't have an input level or threshold control, and juice the distortion side a little bit for a smoother sound (this has the added benefit of giving that channel a little more gas when the distortion is off, which helps bring my "clean" sound more in line with the "dirty" tone I use most of the time). It's the perfect solution to an idiosyncratic little problem, and I could see a few other applications for it with the rest of my gear.

    Also very pleased with Saturnworks -- quick and helpful responses to my questions, and the pedal showed up less than a week after I placed the order. Three cheers.
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    Bryan at Saturnworks is the shizz! I asked him if he could make me an active summing box with no knobs and unity gain so I could plug in my upright and electric into different effect circuits, then sum them out to one line for DI and amp, and he gave me a great price and had it done and to my house within a couple weeks!
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