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  1. zontar


    Feb 19, 2014
    One pedal I've wanted for some time, but either had other things I wanted more (Or other stuff come up)--is an octave &/or pitch type pedal.

    I've tried a lot of them out over the years--but for a variety of reasons never found the right one--although some were quite good at some things--the worst things though were poor tracking, nose & an auto-tune type whine.

    So recently I saw some online reviews for the TC Electronics SubNUp pedal--and it looked interesting & promising
    So I checked it out --on two different occasions--with different guitars & basses.

    It fit what I wanted--so yesterday I picked one up.

    I just got it, so there is that "Honeymoon" period we sometimes have with gear.
    But it has a classic mode (Older style Octaver where if you play 2 or more notes together you confuse it), a Polyphonic mode--where you can play chords or single notes--and best of all--the Tone Print mode--where you can download an app to add a third setting--it comes with one that is an organ kind of sound.
    The app & the sounds are free too--so that's cool.
    They also have an editor for it to create your own sounds or tweak existing ones--I have't done much with that yet though)
    But with the sounds available (You can switch them via the app& a smartphone) this pedal will give me a lot of variety in what sounds I can get--so that was a selling point for me.

    I'll review it once I've had it for a while & used it more--but it is a cool pedal--and GAS is subsiding a bit (Although a pedalboard would be a great next purchase for me)

    I haven't tried it on my Mandobird yet--but that should be cool too.
  2. Blaargh


    Apr 4, 2016
    I'm interested in the Sub 'N' Up, seems like a good alternative to POGs. I have the Vortex Flanger, the Toneprint feature is pretty awesome- it's like owning a dozen different (and expensive) flangers, but in one tiny £55 box.

    Let us know if the S'N'U is all that, I think it'll be my next purchase.
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  3. zontar


    Feb 19, 2014
    I will have to get back to everybody for sure.
    I am starting to wonder if I should check out other Tone Print capable pedals & either add them in--or have them replace existing pedals.
    It's a great feature--and I look forward to some experimentation with the editor as well.