NPDD - New Pedal Board Day. Detailed build.

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by J_Bass, May 17, 2021.

  1. J_Bass


    Feb 7, 2008
    Porto, Portugal
    Hello all.

    This will be long.
    Long and fun, or long and boring, you decide. I just want to show how I built my new pedal board.

    I normally use a Zoom B3N, but decided to build a pedal board too, because some things are just not practical on a multi effects. So, I sold a bass and bought some of the pedals I wanted to finally build my board. Other pedals I already had.

    If you like details, I think you'll enjoy this. It's more about the build than the pedals, because I'm not a purist and I had a budget. I'm open to suggestions on the chain and other details. On the pedals too, of course.

    Ok, let's begin.

    The pedals:
    I wanted to built a compete board, because I know what type of effects I like.

    There are 4 type of pedals, to me, on this build.
    - The obvious (tuner, compressor).
    - The solid bets (octaver, overdrive/fuzz, reverb, envelope).
    - The experimentals (pitch shifter, ambient, synth, delay).
    - The loopers (freeze, looper).

    Yep, that's 12 pedals. A lot. But I wanted to make it work.

    The obvious:
    These are pedals that are essential, in my opinion.

    - Tuner: I went cheapo, here. My choice was the Harley-Benton CPT-20. It's a good tuner, does its job, it's true bypass as every pedal on the board.

    - Compressor: I already had this one. A simple affordable compressor. TC Electronic Spectra Comp, recommended by fellow TB'ers. Does what I want, I'm happy with it.

    The solid bets:
    These are pedals that were recommended to me by a good friend that is a pro bassist and uses these pedals (or similar, in the case of the reverb and envelope). I had the chance to try them on his board and loved them.

    - Octaver: I went with the Boss OC-5, here. My friend has the OC-2, and I wanted the closest possible to it. From what I read on TB, the OC-5 is the OC-2's second coming, so, good enough for me.

    - Overdrive/Fuzz: I was in love with the Darkglass Vintage Microtubes as soon as I tried it. It's the most expensive pedal on the board, but totally worth it, in my opinion.

    - Reverb: I went with a spring reverb, after trying his Wampler Spring Reverb. On recommendation, I bought the Malekko Spring Reverb. Love it.

    - Envelope Filter: this one was a bet, but I already had it, so I knew it was enough for me. I went with Mooer. I know it's a mixed opinions brand, but I like their pedals. This one is a replica of the Bass Balls.

    The experimentals:
    Here I went full Mooer. I already knew and liked the Envelope, so after hearing them on many videos, I went for it. Budget was a determining factor, too. Their new 7 Series is very nice, I like them a lot. Remember, I'm not a purist.

    - Pitch Shifter: Mooer Pitch Box. With Harmony, Pitch Shift and Detune. Great pedal.

    - Ambient: Mooer A7 Ambience. Uau, I love this one, I'll spend some time with its 7 modes, for sure. As in all the 7 series, there are 7 modes, and you can save the settings on each one. Great.

    - Synth: Mooer E7 Synth. Crazy pedal, lots of fun.

    - Delay: Mooer D7. Again, 7 modes, including looper.

    The loopers:
    Looper pedals here. A freeze pedal and a proper looper.

    - Freeze: Electro-Harmonic Freeze Sound Retainer. It's a freeze. I like it a lot.

    - Looper: TX Electronic Ditto X-2. This one is great, a proven pedal, safe bet. I was going for the X-4, but that was too much. X-2 it is.

    The Power Supply:
    I went with the Palmer PWT 12 MK 2. I searched a lot to decide what to buy, on this one. Budget was a concern. After reading and searching, I went with the one that seemed with very good cost-quality relation. 12 outputs, 9 volts, four of them from 6 to 18 volts. Small, silent, robust. So far, so good. I don't like the cord, though. I would prefer a thick computer like cord. But the price was right.


    Better save this post and continue on another one.

    If anyone read all of this nonsense, I sincerely thank you.
  2. seedokebass


    Mar 21, 2009
    The question now is, what kind of board are you going to put them all on?
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  3. J_Bass


    Feb 7, 2008
    Porto, Portugal
    The Pedal Board:

    After measuring 100 times, I measured again. This was going to be ordered from Thomann, I had to get it right.

    I almost went with a Harley-Benton board, to save a few Euros, but then I decided to go with the safe bet and I bought a PedalTrain Classic Junior.
    Came with the velcro, and a soft case. I almost bought the hard case, I'm glad I went with the soft bag.

    IMG_20210518_010459.jpg IMG_20210518_010541.jpg IMG_20210518_010624.jpg IMG_20210518_010649.jpg
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  4. J_Bass


    Feb 7, 2008
    Porto, Portugal
    Assembling the pedals:

    Ok. This is the part where I'm sure I'll have to make changes in the future. But I had to start somewhere, so I tried this order:

    Tuner, Overdrive, Octaver, Compressor, Reverb, Envelope Filter, Pitch Shifter, Ambient, Synth, Delay, Freeze, Looper.

    What do you guys think?

    I put velcro on all of them, and put them on the board. Huge relief, they fit! I opted to mount the pedals first, and then decide where I would put the power supply.

    For connection cables, I went with the Harley-Benton Pro-5 Gold Flat Patch Cable. 5 cm flat cable, seemed ideal for my clean build objective.

    Here is how it looked with the pedals and connection cables:


    Coming next, the final assembly.
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  5. J_Bass


    Feb 7, 2008
    Porto, Portugal
    Connecting everything and making it as clean as possible:

    Now that I had the pedals in place, it was time to decide where to put the power supply.

    The Palmer unit is small enough to fit between the back bars of the PedalTrain. I used velcro to put it in place:

    IMG_20210517_165923.jpg IMG_20210517_165930.jpg IMG_20210517_170020.jpg

    Connecting the transformer and a cable, to make sure it works:

    With all pedals being 9 volts, I decided to use the first 3 slots for the top row right pedals, the last 3 slots for the top row left pedals, the 4,5,6 slots for the bottom row right pedals and the 7,8,9 slots for the bottom row left pedals.

    To connect the rows I had to improvise and used a small jack cable. I plan to buy a smaller one, to fit it better, but for now, it will work:

    IMG_20210517_172333.jpg IMG_20210517_172428.jpg IMG_20210517_172614.jpg IMG_20210517_173158.jpg IMG_20210517_175455.jpg IMG_20210517_175813.jpg

    Now that I had the cables mounted, I put the cable that connects the rows on the bottom space of the board. I used black fiber duck tape to keep the cables on their place:


    Connecting the pedals:

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  6. J_Bass


    Feb 7, 2008
    Porto, Portugal
    How it looks:

    And this is how it looks after final assembly. I tried to keep it as clean and easy to use as possible.

    In the future, I would like to change the jack that connects the two rows, with an exact size one, and with flat connectors.

    I would like to do the same with the cables that connect the pedals to the power supply. Smaller cables with "L" connectors on both sides would be perfect.

    The Pedal Board:

    IMG_20210518_020917.jpg IMG_20210518_020852.jpg IMG_20210518_020941.jpg IMG_20210518_020953.jpg IMG_20210518_021018.jpg

    If anyone had the courage to go through all this, I thank you sincerely.

    I would also appreciate any opinions and suggestions.

    Thank you.
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  7. seedokebass


    Mar 21, 2009
    I would suggest:

    1. Tuner
    2. Compressor
    3. Synth
    4. Octave

    I'm not familiar with the synth, but I'm guessing that would work a little better after compressor, or do the octave after the compressor then synth. Either way getting a cleaner signal into either of those pedals should make it work better and not get too glitchy.

    Then play around with everything else to see what you like!
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  8. J_Bass


    Feb 7, 2008
    Porto, Portugal
    Thank you, I'm going to try that and see how it sounds!
  9. HCF

    HCF Of course, YMMV

    Nov 30, 2008
    Thanks for the detailed write up!
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