NPUD Delano JMVC 4 FE/M2 set.

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  1. p12bassnut

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    Aug 27, 2009
    Installed in a Sadowsky MetroExpress 4 with stock Pre with VTC. Ash body, Maple neck and board.
    It's hard to describe exactly but there is a "fuller" tone pallet compared to the stock HC pups.
    "Clear tone" ;"Open tone" ; "Defined tone" ; “Forcefull tone” are descriptives that come to mind here.
    Also, it seems that the tone pallet is a bit larger when adjusting the on -board preamp. More "burpy" when VTC rolled back with bridge pup and more "P-bassy" with the neck pup. Strange- maybe its just a difference in the Freq response compared to the stock pups.
    Excellent string to string balance too.
    I'm glad I decided to try them.
    They look good as well, I like the larger pole pieces.

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    Aug 18, 2002
    Central Ohio

    One of my fav pickup / preamp combinations. A do-all rig for playing covers.