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    Jul 24, 2010
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    Last night I drove an hour to do a Craigslist trade for the final piece of my new rig.

    Back in the fall of 2011 by GK 800RB died. I loved that amp - I'd had it for 15 years or so and it was my first "real" bass amp. Previously I'd had some Peavy POS like most newbs... Anyway, I picked up an Ampeg 410HE for it and it just sounded fantastic. Big and fat and all-purpose. Both of those pieces toured with me and logged hundreds of gigs.

    So the 800RB just died on stage one day so it was time to find a replacement. I had no money at all, so I traded my SWR Workingman's 12 for an SWR SM-400 in the spring of 2012. The WM12 was bested by the SWR California Blonde I used for my singer/songwriter gigs (surprisingly). Never got a chance to pair up the SWR with the Ampeg cab as I was playing much smaller gigs at the time.

    Well, back in November I had some extra dough so I decided to mod my P-bass. New bridge, hipshot, new pickups, etc. Shortly after doing so, the California Blonde bit the dust. Soooooooo.....

    I couldn't justify spending an unknown amount of money to get it fixed, so I found a guy on CL with an SWR Goliath II Junior for $200. I was tired of the mismatched rig and was ready to have a matched set. I picked up the Junior about 2 months ago and absolutely love it.

    So to the point - last night I traded my Ampeg cab for a Goliath II and the set is complete: SM-400 head, Goliath II and Goliath II Junior. In the last 18-ish months I've replaced my entire rig with very little out of pocket! I'm SO psyched to have a matched rig of all new equipment - vintage 90's at that (man, I'm so old that the 90's are now vintage).

    So now I'm playing my vintage 80's <sic> Fender P/J with a vintage 90's <sic> rig. :bassist::hyper::bassist::hyper::bassist::hyper:

    Thanks for listening to me ramble - I needed to nerd out with somebody.

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    Nothing wrong with that rig! :hyper:

    Nice story also.