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  1. Jamvan

    Jamvan The Bassist Formerly Known As Meh Gold Supporting Member

    Nov 11, 2014
    No apologies; I'm a fan of TC Electronic. I'd been gigging a BH500/BC212x2 rig for the better part of the last year and loved it. Even so, I found myself longing for a semi-parametric EQ more times than I cared to count. I just couldn't EQ out some boominess in a couple venues and it was driving me nuts. The BH500 EQ works well but I needed to be able to really dial it in. So, in an attempt to deal with it, I picked up an Empress ParaEQ here in the TB classified and then, as is typical, this RH750 head was listed the next day.

    IMG_5199 2.JPG

    Fortunately, it was a fellow Minnesotan who I could meet up with and pick it up. I acknowledge I'm late to the game with the TC RH heads and I know all about the drama associated with their "watts" but I only go off of my real world application and I never had an issue with volume on the BH500 head. So when everyone who posted about these talked about how loud they were, I believe them. Even so, I realized that while this head would work with my BC212 cabs, I really wanted to go all-in and pick up an RS212 to go with this. I liked the size and punch of these cabs and the form-factor pairs nicely with the head. Fortunately, I found a wonderful individual here on TB who was willing to ship one that he had listed as a local-only deal. That came in late last week and I immediately hooked it up to try it out and was blown away by the volume of this combo at ~10 o'clock on the master volume.

    IMG_5222 2.JPG

    The wedding present wine glasses that fell off the rack across the room while I was playing, on the other hand, were not so impressed...

    IMG_5221 2.JPG

    So after cleaning up the shattered glass, I still had some PayPal bucks just hanging around, waiting to be spent, and I really wanted (needed?) to be able to have one speaker gig-ready and on the trailer at all times (RS212) and something that could augment my live rig when necessary but be my primary setup for practicing at home. Fortunately, Sweetwater had a heckuva deal on a demo RS112 that just came in today, along with the RC4 foot controller.


    After adding the RS112 to the RS212, I really can't turn this thing up past 9 o'clock without the place rattling. But the volume is not even the half of it. The flexibility of this head just blows me away. The combination of the tremendous onboard SpectraComp compressor, the warm and grit of TubeTone tube simulation, and the parametric EQ along with TweeterTone makes for a wide berth of tonal options. I play primarily passive Jazz's and P's, with rounds or flats, so I created a deep, punchy, scooped sound for those basses strung with rounds. Another set to a classic, warm sounding, mid-focused tone for my basses strung with flats, and one that splits them with a bit more dirt from the TubeTone. I've coupled those three settings with some pedals left over from my large board sell-off that I threw in front of it for some additional tonal variety. A TC Corona Chorus set up with the Duff chorus, a Way Huge Green Rhino for my more aggressive distortion needs, and the Sonic Stomp to add a little air to the tone. The RC4 fits really well across the top of my small pedal board to quickly see if I'm in tune or change up the presets on the fly.

    All-in-all, I'm very pleased with this rig. Thank you for indulging me.

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  2. Congrats! If you're happy with the BH500 and BC cabinets, that should really do it for you. An RH750 and single RS212 served me quite well. I had those and RS210s and had ran various configurations, up to 3 of each, but ended up using a single RS212 most of the time. In terms of "real-world applications," for mine, this had the greatest all-around utility.

    If I wasn't so GAS motivated, I'm sure I'd have kept one.
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  3. Jamvan

    Jamvan The Bassist Formerly Known As Meh Gold Supporting Member

    Nov 11, 2014
    Here's my big rig (RH750 + RS212 + RS112) and my small rig (BG250-208 + RS112) side by side. It's all about options and flexibility.

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