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NS CR5M Double bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by MikeBass, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. MikeBass

    MikeBass Supporting Member

    Nov 4, 2003
    Royal, Oak, MI.
    Mods, don't freak out, I need to ask electric players a question about this bass.
    I posted up a simular question on the DB EUB boards as well. Just want electric player views of it.

    Any of you guys double with this bass??

    Issues concerning amplifying it, dealing with the scale length ect... would be cool.

    My DB skills are pretty bad right now (haven't played one in like 15 years) so this looks like a good place to jump back on.

    Amp I'm using BTW is a Eden CXC110 combo with a CX110 extention cab. This is my main electric rig as well.
  2. lyle

    lyle Guest

    Jan 10, 2004
    Vernon, B.C. Canada
    Freakin coolest toy ever! I played one a while back at a L&M and as far as uprights go, it was effortless to play and sounded fairly good running through the poopy little amp they had. I've been gassing for one for a long time, but if I were to get on I would just run it throught my set up, maybe tweek some knobs to get a desired tone but I definatly wouldn't go out and purchase a new rig for it.
  3. Ian Perge

    Ian Perge Supporting Member

    May 11, 2001
    Evansville, Indiana
    I do believe our own Gard doubles on an NS upright - try contacting him for more info.

    Myself, I'm truly digging the new Bass Cello - 34" scale, extended range. Only problem is that price... :help:
  4. andysvec

    andysvec Supporting Member

    Hi MikeBass,

    I double on one myself. I've owned it for about a year, and have used it pretty steadily on one-two jazz/lounge gigs per week. The other 3-4 gigs I do per week are rock gigs that I do on my modulus Q5 or Q6.

    I amplify NS with a GK mb150e mounted on a short mic stand with the mic stand kit. I've considered getting the extension cab but really have never needed it with this setup, sounds great and loud enough for the jazz trio/quartet gigs. I did a gig at our local 'house of brutus' last Fri (see crappy pic below) with it and lined out to the house system too, had a really great fat warm sound.

    The only thing about it is it's not a true upright sound. It can come fairly close, but still has a little 'fretlessy' mwah to it. But it sure is easier than lugging my old upright around, and I always get compliments on its coolness factor.

    Another thing, buy the upgraded undercover bag for it. I think Gard had something to do with the design. I got mine from basscentral, great bag.

    I'm by no means an upright player myself. I used to be serious about it in the eighties, but only did an occasional gig here and there during the 90s, so my chops are pretty weak. But the NS is fairly easy to play and forgiving, so it's a good compromise for me.

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  5. Wow...I'm mentioned twice in a thread!! I'm FAMOUS!!



    Great instrument, love mine to death! If I had to pick ONE bass to keep forever, this one is it.

    Actually, I've found that I CAN emulate an upright tone fairly well, however it took a bit of fiddling around to do so. I also was able to get a great "baby bass" tone out of it for latin music.

    If you play it "normally", it tends to sustain a bit too much, and start to do the fretless EBG "mwah" thing, the trick is to lose treble, boost just a wee bit of bass, use just a tiny bit of the magnetic pickup, and the pizz setting on the piezo. The last bit of advice: use your left hand technique to limit sustain/mwah - I "roll" my fingertip off the note a bit to get the decay right, took a bit of doodling around to get it smooth, but once you get used to it, it's not difficult.

    Also, the stock strings can be a bit "electric-y" at first, you may want to look into the NS/D'Addario Helicore Hybrids that NS has available to fit the bass, or consider the "T" model if all you're looking for is the upright tone (I dig the fact that I can get a pretty decent fretless EBG-ish tone as well). My strings are the stock ones, but they're about 4 years old now, so they're good'n thumpy. :)

    I did have a bit of influence on the Undercover NS gigbag, and it is still sold through Bass Central. However, NS has a new gigbag which is a major improvement over the original one (after I spent years jawing at them about how crappy the "stock" gigbag was ;) ), so you may want to check it out before popping for the Undercover one!

    Also, the guys at NS Design are really great at customer service, if you have any questions or problems, they are very accessible and helpful - especially David, who sets every one of them up. First rate people, first rate instrument.

    If you (or anyone else) have any questions about the bass, feel free to PM or e-mail me, and I'll be happy to help.
  6. MikeBass

    MikeBass Supporting Member

    Nov 4, 2003
    Royal, Oak, MI.
    Thanks a bunch Gard!!

    I'll know how this is going down later today (hopfully!).

    Is it a full 4/4 DB??? Since I'm a primarly a EB player I wonder if the NS Cello would be a better place to land. :meh:
    My DB talents are pretty shabby right now, but I guess it's like falling off a bike. They will come back after some time (not saying I was any good to begin with ;) ). Plus the "dots" on the neck are gonna help too.

    And hell, maybe this will push me into an actual DB (a LONG way down the road) if I could ever afford one!
  7. Mike -

    I don't believe it's a 4/4 DB, but a 3/4 DB, the scale length is 41.375".

    As for being worried about adjusting to the scale length, well...I never played DB in my life before getting the NS, and was gigging 5 days later. Thing is a piece of cake to adjust to, IMO, and the extra scale length DOES make a difference tonally...not to mention, if you do decide to eventually go "all the way" back to DB, you'll be used to the longer scale length (although not the huge @$$ body or killer string heights! ;) ).

    Lemme know if I can help ya with anything else!

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