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NS Design / CR 5 String! Comments Please?

Discussion in 'Basses [DB]' started by powermans, Aug 9, 2004.

  1. Ok, so I've got a number of D/Basses around the house and yes, I enjoy each of them and have been happy with my lot until this week when, me and the Mrs took a short weekend trip down to Melbourne. When ever I take these short trips I ALWAYS check out the local Jazz Shops/ CD Shops/ and of course Bass Shops. Well I wandered into "The Bass Centre"in Melbourne for a quick squiz and, 6 feet in from the front door I was confronted with a 4 String NS Design EUB.At first, I didn't take a lot of interest however, explained to the salesman that I was interested in what they had in the way of D/B's well, there's one Chinese job (Black) in the front window 3/4 he said , to which I replied ...yeh saw that! He said what did I think of the Steinberger? to which I claimed ignorance and explained that I really knew very little about them. With that, he had the EUB and stand under the right arm and headed towards the amp section where he connected with a GK 400RB. Well to cut to a sprint I spent the best part of the next hour having an absolute ball with this EUB! I nearly, spent the $4200.00 on the spot that he wanted for the beast and bolted however, calmed down and thought I'd look into this new toy a little further hence , the enquiry here!!!

    Since returning to Brisbane, I find that I can purchase a 5 string NS Design CR (these are made in the Czech Republic) with stand and Gig bag for about $5000.00 Aussie./ I've always had a liking for a FIVE string over a four and would VERY MUCH appreciate any of you other D/Bers out there that maybe have had one.... or have one of these and can give me an opinion!

    I note that E-bay have a guy up in Seattle who is selling an NS 5 string (made in Maine) last bid is $3050.00US in a hard case! Not Bad either, a bit far for to go to pick it up! :D
  2. Bruce Lindfield

    Bruce Lindfield Unprofessional TalkBass Contributor Gold Supporting Member

    Yup I've got a 5-string - NS CR5 and I 've been playing it for over 2 years and really enjoying it. I love the sound and I always get comments - people trying to photograph it, asking questions - saying things like : "how does it produce so much sound, when so much is missing!!?? ;)

    I think it was money very well spent - although at the time I bought it, I would have had a "real" DB if I could have found one at a similar price or at all! But I had been looking for about 18 months, couldn't find one and didn't want to wait any longer - so, I have had a lot of enjoyment out of playing the CR5 and am very glad I bought it.

    Strengths are portability, small storage space, no feedback, integral amplification system "plug and play", easy access to all of the fingerboard, possibility to use real, full-scale DB strings - I have Pirastros , rugged construction, modern looks and very usable sound for all types of music - especially acoustic genres.

    Oh and playing the occasional low D or C on the B string, really shakes the floor!! ;)
  3. Thanks Bruce,
    You're making my mouth water! A couple of questions please,
    I note that I can purchase either the CR5 with the Polar directional piezo or the CR5M with the added magnetic pick-up . What have you got? Is the Magnetic an advantage?Also, as I am a KEEN user of Pirastro Obligatos/ Pizzicatos/ Jazzers on my full size basses, can you tell me if they ALL fit the unit OK and is there a limit to string guage that you can use? I see it comes with a set of D'Addario......
    I note that the off the shelf string seems to fit down the back / under/ and up the neck to use up ALL the string length..... I guess! I like the idea of NO FEEDBACK sounds to easy! I would be interested to know what you have in the way of an amp? I found on the model in the shop that I played.....it had a hugh variation in the tone/sound that I could get from just peaking the blend controls! Also I gather that yours is the Czech Model? or is it the US model. Have you been happy with the construction of the unit? Any Problems? Many Thanks Bruce. :help:
  4. Bruce Lindfield

    Bruce Lindfield Unprofessional TalkBass Contributor Gold Supporting Member

    I found the magnetics make it sound more like bass guitar and as I have two I felt no need of this - I preferred the piezo sound - more 'acoustic', so bought a piezo-only model - I think it looks 'neater' also!
    That's right - you can use any DB strings you like!

    That's right - I found the amplification has a big effect, so my EA VL208 gets a really great acoustic-like sound and reproduces all of what you do faithfully - along with my Eden WT300.

    But I have played it on stage at Jazz clubs where it was necessary to use what was there, due to time/space constraints and then I felt I might as well be using a fretless BG !! :(

    Czech model!

    Yes - very robust, hardly ever goes out of tune - I can't think of any problems I've had.

    The only thing I can think of is that some people who have tried it said they would prefer a higher action - I did raise it slightly, but I don't seem to be able to get it any higher - although I'm not bothered and I've never taken it to a Luthier or anybody to get it set up - maybe an "expert" could do this?