No longer available NS Design CR4 Radius

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    Selling my NS Design CR4 Radius bass in charcoal satin finish. It’s in excellent condition with no visible wear. Contoured maple body with a flame maple top. 34” scale, 24 fret, graphite reinforced neck, ebony fingerboard, dual EMG pickups with 18V active preamp. This Steinberger clamping bridge allows you to use any regular string you choose (balls slide into the ‘Nedstock’ (I just made that up. hehe). Shining star of this model is the very usable piezo bridge pickup that allows you to dial in as much or little of the piezo you desire to add some acoustic bass tone and snap. You can use it full on w no magnetic pickups for a true acoustic bass tone or turn off the piezo to utilize only the active EMG system. Coolest thing is you can blend both of these systems together in anyway that suits your style.

    Great ergonomics on this as it balances and hangs perfectly. Weighs in a little over 8 pounds.

    I also purchased a deluxe Gator molded hard case which I modified to fit this bass perfectly. It does not move and is very secure which I’ll include along with the very nice OEM NSD gig bag.

    ** PRICE REDUCED 7/8 TO $1650 shipped/paypal’d/insured. No trades at this time. Thanks.

    880B4F77-624A-4185-B6AD-E2A67E4D7936.jpeg 2CB07EB7-BBBE-4907-920B-E8AB12AB69A9.jpeg 4FAE6F7E-D5DB-4CEB-8C26-E1FDC7547442.jpeg 707D396E-E6FA-49C2-BE80-1B629E65358E.jpeg 353B68B4-D0EB-4093-982B-5215D316237E.jpeg 8767A7FF-8DCC-4F5D-A8D0-E0D237C52145.jpeg 513B9F0A-7A52-47FE-8F73-E3DFF173D2D0.jpeg 1EFCD562-5204-4A13-96DC-BAF496645FC7.jpeg

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    Apr 8, 2016
    Excellent bass, excellent price - especially with the case!

    GLWTS and H4OJ
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    Feb 13, 2013
    Did you end up keeping my former CR Radius? Lol I'd love to buy it back again if you still have it :whistle: