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SOLD NS Design CR4M Electric Upright - price drop

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by jondiener, Dec 27, 2015.

  1. jondiener

    jondiener Just trying to serve the song. Gold Supporting Member

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    Chances are, if you're looking at this, you already know everything about this amazing instrument. If not, all the details from the NS Design website are listed below, for reference.

    The short version: I picked this up used this spring and used it for a couple weeks of a pit orchestra gig. But I've decided to buy an acoustic upright for future pit work and I need the cash from this sale to fund that purchase. (so no trades, please) This is in excellent condition, cosmetically and functionally - about a 9.5/10. I put on a new set of NS Traditionals (D'Addario) in June and they have very little playing time on them. They work very well for both arco and pizz playing. Also, included will be the folding tripod stand and original padded carry bag. This bass also features the continuously variable blend knob for arco/pizz., vs. the earlier models with just a toggle switch.

    Asking $2,175, shipped CONUS (insured, with tracking). No trades, please. I would also consider delivering/meeting partway, within 100 miles of 43623, and would adjust price accordingly.

    JSD-151222-CR4M-001.jpg JSD-151222-CR4M-003.jpg JSD-151222-CR4M-007.jpg JSD-151222-CR4M-008.jpg JSD-151222-CR4M-010.jpg JSD-151222-CR4M-011.jpg JSD-151222-CR4M-012.jpg JSD-151222-CR4M-013.jpg JSD-151222-CR4M-014.jpg JSD-151222-CR4M-015.jpg JSD-151222-CR4M-016.jpg JSD-151222-CR4M-019.jpg
    (actual photos of this instrument)

    From NS Design website:
    The CR Series electric upright bass, with its exceptional versatility and tone quality, is fast becoming an indispensable tool for the serious bassist. The lean, solid-body CR Series bass takes its place in a long history of fine instruments crafted in the Czech Republic.

    The CR Series neck & body are made from select maple. The full scale fingerboard is graduated for consistent response from note to note, with adjustable relief and bridge height to suit all playing styles. Our Polar™ bridge pickup system combines great sound with directional sensitivity, for a rich and expressive response to pizzicato and arco technique. EMG magnetic pickups expand the range to include classic electric bass sounds.

    According to Bass Player magazine, the Czech made CR Series "boasts impeccable craftsmanship from a country with a reputation for quality upright bass building. It's clean aesthetics, excellent playability, and great sound put it ahead of the pack."

    Three interchangeable support systems are available for the bass: the self supporting tripod stand, more conventional end pin stand, and shoulder strap assembly for full mobility.

    MAPLE BODY AND NECK: The body and neck of the CR Series Double Bass are crafted of solid European hard maple, with a flame maple face. The neck has a traditional upright shape, but with extended access to the upper register of the fingerboard. The solid-body body design enhances sustain and clarity, and is resistant to the effects of temperature change and humidity.

    FINGERBOARD: The fingerboard is expertly graduated with an asymmetric profile to insure that each note is even and buzz free. An adjustable truss rod allows for precise relief adjustment for different strings and playing style. A cascading dot pattern across the neck provides an accurate reference for positon.

    POLAR BRIDGE PICKUP SYSTEM: The Polar pickups can sense either lateral or vertical string vibration - or both!

    EMG MAGNETIC PICKUPS: The low-impedance EMG pickups incorporate individually adjustable coils and neodymium magnets. Each coil is buffered separately for a full sound quality with very low noise. (Magnetic pickups pare optional. Only models marked with the letter M have magnetic coils.)

    ACTIVE EQ AND MIXER: Controls include volume, a blend control for magnetic and piezo pickups, a toggle switch to select the mode of the Polar pickup, and individual bass EQ & treble EQ controls. The 18 volt power supply insures plenty of reserve overhead for full dynamics.

    ADJUSTABLE BRIDGE: Two screws in the back of the body are used to adjust the bridge up and down. This allows the instrument to be set up to meet the requirements of many different playing styles.

    PORTABILITY: The padded tubular gig bag is only 137 cm (54") long and 18 cm (7") in diameter, and weighs 8.2 kg (18 lbs) instrument and stand. A storage area inside the gig bag has room for accessories. The loaded gig bag will fit in the overhead most commercial aircraft.
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