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SOLD NS Design EUB "OMNI" Bass 5-string 34" fretless CR5B reduced $2250

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Basses' started by Pete Hand, Nov 18, 2019.

  1. Pete Hand

    Pete Hand Supporting Member

    Jul 27, 2004
    Missoula Montana
    NS Design “Omni” Bass: These instruments were originally named as “Bass Cello” (CR5B). This has a maple body and head and is the 5-string fretless version. It has the feel and tonal character of an electric upright bass with the ease and familiarity of the 34" scale, bridging the divide between an EUB and a bass guitar in an easily portable format. These older instruments were made in Europe (Czech Republic), not in Japan.

    I bought it to try a few new ideas on, but never found the time, so even in the studio space, I probably played it fewer than 6 times. I bought it from a person with the same idea. This is Like new, as you see in the photos.

    $2,250 new price still includes accessories. PayPal accepted.

    Take a good look and ensure it is correct for your application before buying. All sales final. Images are provided for reference and are the actual product.

    US mailing/shipping rate for CONUS delivery is included in the asking price, or will ship/mail it another method at your cost, or you can come to the studio and pay and take it then.

    Product info at NS site:

    CR Omni Bass | Ultimate Form, Function and Performance | NS Design

    Currently strung with medium-gauge bass strings tuned as BEADG. Tuned in fourths (EADGC or BEADG), the fingering positions and spacing are identical to the bass guitar, and therefore immediately familiar to any bass player. The Omni Bass can also be tuned in fifths.

    The fingerboard provides a familiar large radius feel for the left hand and is arched for the option to bow at the bridge. Has both EMG Magnetic and Piezo pickups for the sustained or percussive plucked sound like an electric bass guitar and for lateral vibration from dynamic bowing.

    Controls include volume, a blend control for magnetic and piezo pickups, the mode of the Polar pickup direction, and individual treble EQ & bass EQ controls. The 18-volt power supply (battery) ensures plenty of reserve overhead for full dynamics.

    This complete package includes Bass, "boomerang" strap, Tripod stand, Soft gig bag and original NS French Bow (I used a bass bow):

    Bows | NS Design

    Strap and Stand are included in this package; these were optional accessories.

    Multi-positional “Boomerang” strap for remarkable freedom of movement and instrument positioning ($155 value):

    The Boomerang™ Strap System | NS Design

    Stable tripod stand (with the large foot; fits in instrument gig bag), allows you to play the instrument horizontally or vertically. Black ($225 value):

    The CR Tripod Stand | NS Design

    More info from:

    Tripod Folding Stands for NS Design Basses (Choose CR or WAV/NXT) at Gollihur Music - Double Bass, Upright Bass, String Bass Specialists

    “NS Design has cleverly designed their instruments with several options for playing. Most of their larger instruments (including all of the CR/EU Basses, NXT and WAV4 basses, and OmniBass models) use a universal mount which is compatible with a variety of stands and strap systems for maximum flexibility.

    The different models are furnished with different stands/mounts. For instance, all of the Omni Basses come with the "Boomerang Strap System," which is a special wearable design that was developed for the instrument. The NXTa and WAV basses (full size) come with a lightweight painted steel tripod stand, while the more deluxe CR models have an upgraded, heavier steel tripod stand that is more adjustable.”


    P1000854.JPG 00C0C_l8083cdo1GI_600x450.jpg 00Y0Y_ciKRa0o5jAu_600x450.jpg 00505_bPxXAFeEizl_600x450.jpg

    Last edited: Oct 5, 2020
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  2. basspraiser

    basspraiser Jammin for the Lamb! Supporting Member

    Dec 8, 2006
    Chicago - NW Burbs
    I've got one is these and love it.

    Always get comments when I play it
  3. Pete Hand

    Pete Hand Supporting Member

    Jul 27, 2004
    Missoula Montana
    I was asked to show the string attachment point and the back-battery box location. New Images here:


  4. basspraiser

    basspraiser Jammin for the Lamb! Supporting Member

    Dec 8, 2006
    Chicago - NW Burbs

    These are great basses and the fivers don't seem to be available on the used market as much as the for string versions.
  5. Pete Hand

    Pete Hand Supporting Member

    Jul 27, 2004
    Missoula Montana
    It turns out, it overlaps on the features of my other instruments, so I never seemed to use it in exchange. It also turns out, I don't mind hauling the upright as much as I though I did. Filling the wagon with the bigger stuff is not that big of a deal, after all. I bought this when I had a gig that was quite a road trip, every other week, and loading/unloading got real tiresome, but the guitarist and singer (a couple) moved to NM and the drummer retired to MX :)
  6. Wimsta


    Apr 17, 2019
    How is this great value still available?
  7. Pete Hand

    Pete Hand Supporting Member

    Jul 27, 2004
    Missoula Montana
    Yeah; so many basses, still not enough time :laugh:
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  8. rknea

    rknea Supporting Member

    Jan 16, 2007
    Queretaro, Mexico
    This is a great bass!! I love mine!!
  9. Pete Hand

    Pete Hand Supporting Member

    Jul 27, 2004
    Missoula Montana
    And it's sold. Thanks.
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