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NS Design USDB-6

Discussion in 'DB Classifieds Archive' started by ModulusAcacia, Jan 10, 2004.

  1. ModulusAcacia

    ModulusAcacia Commercial User

    Mar 22, 2000
    Middletown/Cincy, OH WHO-DEY!
    owner: J. Kennedy Guitar Repair, Guitar tech for Walk the Moon
    I already put it in the electric bass forum, but thought it might get seen more here, so please excuse the redundancey...

    NS Design USDB6, six string electric upright. Low B to high C, Graphite and maple construction, Excellent shape, tri-pod stand, two gig bags (one standard, one deluxe from Bass Central) plus Anvil type NS road case, a bunch of little extras. I'll try to get more pics soon.

    asking $3100 OBO

    I really need cash more then anything, but would consider trades for a nice fretless 5 string+cash, or anything else I may want. Just ask, worst case I say no.

    E-mail me directly at Modulus@fuse.net , I'll get to that before i get to PM

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