SOLD NS Design WAV4 Radius Bass Metallic Crimson Red

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    NS Design WAV4 Radius Bass Metallic Crimson Red

    Created by Ned Steinberger
    The NS Design WAV4 Radius Bass is a modern design on Ned's famous headless bass & the curved body of the Spector NS2.

    NS self-clamping tuning system, uses standard Bass strings.

    Custom NS/EMG & NS Polar Piezo pickups, and volume-blend -tone-tone.

    I Currently have Flatwounds strings on it and you can get pretty close to an upright bass tone with the Piezo Pickup. And still get a traditional Tone with the EMG alone or both.

    In Excellent condition
    I can't find any blemishes or scratches on it. Comes with a high quality NS Design branded gig bag.

    Overall Length: 41.5″
    Body Length: 20.8″
    Body Wood Meranti (Similar to Mahogany)
    Maple Neck/Rosewood Fretboard
    Frets: 24
    Neck scale: 34″
    Neck radius: 15″
    Weight: 7.6 lbs
    Bridge Spacing: 19mm

    EMG Only

    EMG & Piezo

    Piezo Only

    Piezo Only Walking Line

    Link to Instruction Manual

    $699 Shipped Con-USA
    (May need to add a bit more for shipping to the West Coast.)
    Prefer PayPal
    Message me with any questions.
    20211202_193459.jpg 20211227_153602.jpg 20211227_153651.jpg 20211227_153544.jpg 20211227_153711.jpg 20211202_193723.jpg 20211202_193657.jpg 20211202_193558.jpg 20211227_153408.jpg
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