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SOLD NS Designs CR4 Special Edition, Like New

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Basses' started by Bass Atlanta, Aug 19, 2013.

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  1. I have a like-new NS Designs CR4 Special Edition that I bought several years ago. I bought it just before my jazz quartet disbanded and never got to use it. Only played it a few times in the house, then placed it in its case in my non-smoking home.

    No nicks, scratches, gouges, etc. Sounds and plays great.

    $1850 shipped to CONUS. The only trades that I would consider are a Fender Custom Shop Precision Bass, or a partial trade for a Fender 62AVRI in black with tortoise pickguard. Otherwise, no trades.

    Here's the description:

    The CR Series electric upright bass, with its exceptional versatility and tone quality, has become an indispensable tool for the serious bassist. The lean, solid-body CR Series bass takes its place in a long history of fine instruments crafted in the Czech Republic.
    This Special Edition CR Series is made from select maple, ebony, and boasts a select Zebra Wood top. The full scale fingerboard is graduated for consistent response from note to note, with adjustable relief and bridge height to suit all playing styles.
    The exclusive Polar™ pickup has 2 modes of operation, “arco” and “pizzicato,” that may be blended together. When blended equally (balance control centered) the response is similar to an acoustic upright. The arco mode enhances sensitivity to the bow, and the plucked response is extraordinarily percussive. In the pizz. mode, the percussive attack is reduced for a smooth sustained response. Bass and Treble EQ controls, in combination with the Polar pickup options, provide tremendous tonal range.
    According to Bass Player magazine, the Czech made CR Series "boasts impeccable craftsmanship from a country with a reputation for quality upright bass building. It's clean aesthetics, excellent playability, and great sound put it ahead of the pack."
    Three interchangeable support systems are available for the bass: the self supporting tripod stand (included), more conventional end pin stand, and shoulder strap assembly for full mobility.
    PORTABILITY: The padded tubular gig bag is only 137 cm (54") long and 18 cm (7") in diameter, and weighs 8.2 kg (18 lbs) with the instrument and stand. A storage area inside the gig bag has room for accessories. The loaded gig bag will fit in the overhead compartment of most commercial aircraft.

    Features Include:
    • The body and neck of the CR Series Double Bass are crafted of solid European hard maple, with a flame maple face. The neck has a traditional upright shape, but with extended access to the upper register of the fingerboard. The solid-body body design enhances sustain and clarity, and is resistant to the effect of changes in temperature and humidity.
    • The seasoned ebony fingerboard is hand graduated to insure that each note is even and buzz free. An adjustable truss rod allows for precise relief adjustment for different strings and playing style. Small dots across the neck provide accurate position markers.
    • The Polar pickups can sense either lateral or vertical string vibration - or both! Set in the lateral mode, the pickup has unparalleled sensitivity in the direction of the bow. In the vertical mode, plucked notes are remarkably even and sustained.
    • Controls include volume, a blend control for pizz. and arco modes, and individual bass EQ & treble EQ controls.
    • Two screws in the back of the body are used to adjust the bridge up and down. This allows the instrument to be set up to meet the requirements of many different playing styles.







  2. Headed to eBay tomorrow.

    Make me an offer.
  3. And......she's off to eBay !!!!
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