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NS2000 Questions...

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by PanteraFan, Apr 20, 2001.

  1. OK, I have a couple of questions about Spector NS2000's:

    1. Are the pickups/preamp any good?
    2. Stating your own exp[erience, why would I want the Rex Body Shape instead of the normal shape(or vice versa. I love Rex, I mean, look at my username)
    3. Holoflash finish: I've read somewhere that it is very delicate and needs an extra coating of finish or something, whats the story on this?

    Thanx for the ifo guys. Nino, Mr. Dead, you two are my gods on this!

    P.S. Does Rex actually use a 5 string? I saw him biting one at NAMM(don't ask), but I wouldn't have thought he'd use one seeing as Dimebag was bashing nu-metal 7-string g*****ists in an interview.
  2. Nino Valenti

    Nino Valenti Supporting Member Commercial User

    Feb 2, 2001
    Staten Island NYC
    Builder: Valenti Basses
    The Pick-up's & pre-amp are really good. The pick up's aren't as good as the regular EMG, but are better than most stock pickup's in basses. The pre-amp is a USA EMG BTC whick comes in the Czeck basses & is really good.

    About Rex or Not to Rex. You gotta play em. I have a Rex in blue stain & it really cool. It's alittle uncomfortable to play. I haven't played it w/the band yet cause I'm loving my NS-5 CR I got from MF!!!

    I'd stay away from the holoflash finish. I don't know if it's delicate but I think it's ugly. But you gotta see for yourself.

    Rex has multiple 4 & 5 strings Spectors. All USA models. I don't know what DimeBag is talking about, thou!!!! Alot of their songs are tuned down to like C. He gotta badmouth someone!!!!! If they weren't so awesome I'd hate em!!! LOL :)
  3. As an NS2000-5 owner for a little over a year now, maybe I can give you a little "owner experience" on your questions...

    1. the P/U pre amps are just average. This is a mid-priced bass and it is not set up with the top 'o the line EMG's. Don't get me wrong but you can step up and that would be to upgrade to active EMG P/U's and an EMG BTB control or just install an OBP-1 preamp for an improovement in overall tone with the existing EMG-HZ passive p/u's.

    2.I guess The matter of you likeing and wanting the REX bodyshape in a subjective thing that in reality, only you can make the call on. I don't think what anybody else says should matter as far as what body shape YOU like, should it? I mean it would be your bass, right? either you like it and want to play it or you don't.

    Standard NS design Spector body shapes have long been popular in the metal scene, so it wouldn't even look odd at all if you went that way, h*ll, look at any pic of Nino or Mr. Dead, they look pretty bad- a$$ with their traditional NS Spector bodied basses on. Personally, I find the original NS shape to be the most pleasing, sexy and classy bass body shape ever designed, with the new NS2000 neck-thru bodies a close second !!! But then again I am partial!!

    3. Well , the Holofash finish could possibly require additional care, but for the actual scoop you can go to the Spector website and write Stuart. He has always replied to every one of my emails, promptly too I might add! Again if you like it- Go for it !!

    good luck!
  4. Thanx for the answers, the main reason I ask about the body shape isa that it looks a little like a modified Thunderbird body to me, and I've played basses with T-bird bodies that were unbalanced as hell.
    I also read somewhere that the Holoflash finish was easy to scratch, and a lot of people were using a third party protective agent to make sure it stayed on. I personally love it, and I think it looks way cooler on a standard Spector body shape than the Rex. I'm almost sure that my next bass(2nd one I ever own) is gonna be a Spector, the only thing now is to try and get the cash for the one I want! If I play a Dean thats got roughly the same stuff in for cheaper, I might be tempted(Dean's come with EMG-HZ's too, and I love the quilted Amberburst finish on Dean basses. The amber on Spectors makes me retch, lol.)

    P.S. Dimebag wasn't badmouthing alternate tunings, just the fact that, and I quote: "They have 7 strings and they dont use as many as 4 of the damn things", lol. I always thought Dimebag and Rex matched tunings, and I know that they both have stuff 1 1/2 steps lower, not sure about C tunings though. Maybe they have every string dropped a whole step? Check http://www.guitargeek.com , they list the tunings of bands, I think Pantera are on there.
  5. I played some more Spectors today, most noticeably an NS2000 and an NS5CRFM. The NS2000 retailed at £599, the NS5CRFM at £999. The NS2000 was nice, and I wanted it so bad until I played the NS5CRFM. This bass did two things:
    1) Made me want a 5 string for my next bass.
    2) Made me realise that there are instruments which are <b>worth every penny</b>.Well, now I have a few choices. My current faves for my next bass are:
    Dean Edge Q5 in amberburst.
    Dean Rhapsody Q5, also in amberburst
    Ibanez EDC705, whatever finish.
    Ibanez EDB605, ditto.
    Spector NS2000 5-string, holoflash. The NS2000-Q's would be along the prices of the 2002, but the NS2000 I played(which I could afford) comes in holoflash.
    NS2000-Q, but I don't know why I'd want one, cos I can afford the neck-thru.
    Ibanez BTB605. I have never played one of these, and have no idea of cost, but they are perhaps the best bass made by Ibanez today, and they look hella cool.

    Could someone please give me rough prices of these basses in £, and perhaps a brief review of ther good/bad points. Thanx!
  6. embellisher

    embellisher Holy Ghost filled Bass Player Supporting Member

    PanteraFan, the BTB is better than any of the basses on your list, IMHO.
  7. Well, I always thought that the BTB was up there, and for me the two best basses were either the NS2000/5 or a BTB. The problem is that I can't find a single BTB to play anywhere, and I have no idea of the price in £. I would imagine by rough estimations of £ prices by MF that the BTB500's would be just about too expensive for me, so I'll have to go with the 405QM's. I can find Spectors, Ergodynes and Deans though, so they can be tested. Now that I think about it, the Ergodyne's don't really grab me, and they are fairly expensive (EDC is £500). So, my search is now narrowed down to a Spector, BTB or one of the Deans. I was thinking that the Edge Q5 wouldn't be much of a step up from my £200 Tanglewood, but I would have to see.
    Also, what would be the advantages to me of getting an NS2000Q over a neck thru NS2000, or vice versa? Are the prices radically different? I didn't play and NS2000Q's, just the 2002's and the NS2000, and a CRFM:). I liked how the back of the NS2000 neck was finished, I don't think the bolt-on maple neck of the NS2000Q is finished...
    I suppose the only thing I don't want to do is compromise on an instrument I'm willing to spend so much cash on.
    So, my choices are thus:

    Dean Edge Q5 in Amberburst
    Dean Rhapsody Q5 in Amberburst
    Ibanez BTB 405QM in Purple or Black(BTB500 is slightly outta my pricerange)
    Spector NS2000/5 in holoflash
    Spector NS2000Q/5 in holoflash

    Comments on the questions raised, anyone?

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