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NS5CR or NS5CR-HZ and replacements ?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Tightanic, Nov 20, 2000.

  1. Tightanic


    Oct 26, 2000

    Át the moment I'm seriously thinking about buying a Spector NS5CR. But I'm also regarding that I could buy a NS5CR-HZ.
    This bass is supposed to be a NS5CR eith the HZ-Pickups. I would do this to put Barts or Lane Poors in it.
    U see, I`m not sure if the EMGs would fit my sound perfectly, 'cause i heard they sound kind of processed. But i need a clear, bright and opened sound, that's very responsive and "alive". It should bark at me. And that's exactly what my expiriences with Barts are. So would it be worth doing this, and could the Preamp of the NS5R-HZ (is ist really a "normal" EMG-preamp) handle hotter Pickups ?
    Thank you

    PS: A sound i really,really like is the bass of "too young to die" by Jamiroquai. You know what I mean, do you !?
  2. I own a NS4CR and a pair of NS5CRs and they came with the active EMG pickups (PJs for the 4 srting and DC humbuckers for the 5 string). The "HZ" pickups in the bass you're seeking are passive pickups and they have less output and range than the active models. Also, yes, the EMG preamp can handle 18 volt electronics. Most who do not prefer the EMG sound is because they feel that the sound is too bright and less warm. I personally beg to differ because you can diminish the brightness with the turn of a knob and increase the low end. Also, the preamp has a pair of "dip switches" that allows you to alter the high end center frequency. Lastly, the Pedulla Thunderbass which has the Bartolinis sound as bright as the EMG humbuckers on my 5 strings and judging from the style of music you play, active EMGs I believe are the way to go!

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