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NTMBD! (With pics and mods!)

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by FrenchAK, May 28, 2011.

  1. ..This one's an incredible deal, and my first New-to-Me-Bass-Day post! Here we go - narrative style.

    Honestly, I didn't have high hopes for this one - another Craigslist ad offering a "Fender Squier" bass, with almost no information, and a promo photo of a Squier P-bass. The guy was selling it alongside a broken Peavey combo, so I thought I'd email him, seeing how much he wanted for it. He replies "$50"!!!

    I ask for a picture and he sends me this:


    Now hold the phone - the headstock says Fender, the tuners are Fender sized, not Affinity sized, like the ones on the ad's stock photo. No strings, that's no problem. The ad says he'll give me the hard case, too. Suddenly the deal is too good to be true. I'm skeptical, but I'm up for the half-hour drive. I call up a friend (It's craigslist... kind of sketchy) and we hit the highway.

    The guy brings the bass and the case out, opens it, and everything looks good. I hand him the money and drive home. We stop at the local music store to pick up some strings, and I open the case to take another look. Lifting it up, I notice something's off... No strap buttons! Still - it's a minor setback, still a good deal, right? As I open the case's storage compartment, I find a new strap, and an *unopened* straplock kit! Woohoo! Considering the price of a hard-shell case and straplocks, I've hit a varitable gold mine!

    I get my strings and head home. The "Schaller licensed" tuners kind of suck, and the neck is grimy, and I'm not a rosewood kind of guy. I took the neck of my VM Jazz and slapped it on, and fortunately, it was a perfect fit. Now I have one of my dream basses - P with a bound and blocked neck. I install the straplocks and I have truly created a monster. Here are a few "after" pictures:

    Full body shot:

    Neck focus:

    As I later learned from perusing Talkbass, the Fender Squier series was a Mexican-made instrument line that was produced before the Asian Squier imports came about.

    [DEL]Complaints[/DEL] [DEL]Issues[/DEL] Annoyances (To be dealt with later... maybe):

    The pickguard is a boring, white, one-ply thing. I'd really like to change it to a White Pearl, or maybe another color. Does anyone know if the Mexican Standard pickguard replacements should fit this?

    The headstock says "Squier Jazz Bass." It's not technically a Squier, and it's certainly not a Jazz bass. I might get around to that later.

    The tone pot is scratchy. Not a big deal.

    The pickup seems to be a bit rusty, and while it has a hint of the great P bass tone, it leaves something to be desired.

    Suggestions for any and all mods are welcome! Just remember I'm on a budget... :D
  2. recreate.me


    Apr 2, 2010
    wow, i had that exact bass like last year. Bought the body online and slapped the same neck on, later bought a red tort pickguard for it, i got a couple questions at a show i used it in haha

    The pickups not the best on those MIM Ps but i found mine really cut through the mix live, its the only one i played live, usually im a jazz guy. I would look into fenders original 62 pup, for like 75, or someone selling in the classifieds here.

    If i had to do that combo again, i would go black guard, and put a bridge cover and pickup cover over it, you can sand of the squier logo and buy a water slide decal online and a can of poly spray on to seal it from canadian tire.

    EDIT- maybe not Canadian tire, umm...Home Hardware? lol
  3. Great minds think alike :)
  4. i put a white pearloid pickguard on my black MIM jazz, HUGE improvement over the regular white. really gives it a distinctive, classy look. as silly as it sounds, i think it has helped this bass stay relevant among my more expensive ones just because it looks so cool!
  5. Meddle


    Jul 27, 2009
    Not sure about the replacement fitting but that one-ply guard is one of the indicators of it being a leftovers MIM Squier, which if you consider that cool you might want to keep!
  6. With maple and block neck you gotta' go with a black guard. Nothing else will look as good. Any alnico pickup will be a dramatic improvement over the stock mim. I have bought Gotoh precision pickups on ebay, new for less than $30. Also, Peavey Fury pickups sound great, and frequently pop up on ebay for next to nothing.
  7. Well, I know for sure it's a MIM Squier, I have the neck, and more importantly, headstock to prove it. I think I may take my chances with the pickguard, the white looks okay but I can't stop thinking about While... or maybe Black... Pearl. Damn you, TB! Always making me want more. :)

    If anyone was worried I wasted a perfectly good neck from the P and body from the J, worry not! I combined the two today, and while the Schaller licensed tuners seemed really cheap and flimsy without string tension, they feel really nice when everything's on.

    Here's a picture of the Jazz frankenbass (I was worried about how the rosewood neck would look, I actually like it!):


    And here's a picture of the two together. This shot reminds me of a sci-fi movie when two people get into a teleporter at the same time, and come out all mixed-up:


    Overall, I'm overjoyed with my purchase and mods. After a day of playing I noticed a pretty hard-core fret buzz above the 12th fret on three strings (on the P). The J, surprisingly, played fantastically with great action all over as soon as I dropped the screw driver. Either I'll learn to do a setup, which I should probably get around to, or take it in to have a pro look at it. In the meantime, I'm breaking these awesome "new" basses in!
  8. Agito


    Jun 27, 2009
    black pickguard +black hardware
    it will be sexy as a supermodel
  9. Antny


    Jan 30, 2011
    New York
    Black pick guard, Fender Big Block chrome bridge, Fender '62 RI pups, black knobs......and you'll be rockin!
  10. Not a bad looking bass! Enjoy.

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