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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by JP Bassman, May 5, 2002.

  1. JP Bassman

    JP Bassman

    Jun 18, 2001
    Ok, what constitutes nu-metal? is it rap/rock or distortion rock, or what? What are specific examples and why? The only reason I ask is becasue I was under the impression for quite a long time that nu-metal was strictly rap-rock (korn, limp bizkit, linkin park) but now the term is so loosely thrown around ive heard everyone from puddle of mudd and staind to mudvayne being called nu-metal (none of which rap)

    so yeah, thanks for helping me clear this up.

  2. Nu-Metal bands are...

    • ...detuned most of the time
    • ...heavily distorted
    • ...guitar solo-free
    • ...angry

    That's all I can think of. I'm sure there's more or that I was wrong on some of these points.

    Porn has a defenition that fits everything else. You know it when you see it.
  3. JP Bassman

    JP Bassman

    Jun 18, 2001

    thanks :)
  4. Captain Awesome

    Captain Awesome

    Apr 2, 2001
    Yeah, that's pretty much the entire formula right there. I bet record label offices have it on the wall in stone tablet form.
  5. JP Bassman

    JP Bassman

    Jun 18, 2001
    by that formula though, "grundge" is nu-metal, only with guitar solos...
  6. Grunge isn't as angry, they have fewer songs about their fathers and they're not detuned.

    Therefore, not Nu-Metal.


    [EDIT] Oh, and alot of the new Nu-Metal bands have DJ's. For some obscure reason.
  7. As far as I know "Nu-Mettal" is(are) those commershal (sorry about the spelling) no soul bands like Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park a.s.o...
    As 4 KoRn, well you can't really catogorise them coz they are (were) uniqe (there are now millions of copys, but don't even come close) and since when do KoRn do rap rock?!? :rolleyes:

    But I've also heard people call Silverchair "Nu-Metall" so I don't really know anymore.

    I would also catogorise Kid Rock as "Nu-Mettal" -let's just say Nu Mettal is that commershal sh*t, K' ;)

    Rock on

    (sorry if offended any1, thats just my oppinion)
  8. JP Bassman

    JP Bassman

    Jun 18, 2001
    grunge isnt angry?!?!?! ok....
    nirvana is detuned a halfstep, soundgarden was detuned ALOT

    then again i could be wrong
  9. Korn is Nu-Metal.

    They're angry, detuned, solo free and heavily distorted. :D

    All right, if Korn's not Nu-Metal, then what are they? And why the fixation for categorizing things? Can't we all just get along? :rolleyes: :)

    JP: I said "not as angry". :)
  10. JP Bassman

    JP Bassman

    Jun 18, 2001
    i would consider korn the original nu-metal band
    Bah, peace is for popstars!!
    true, i missed that "as" heh
  11. Right, me too, but SCODI thinks overwise.
  12. what I ment was that KoRn hasn't got any (c)rap in it...

    So what about Slipknot?
    According to this Slipknot is nu mettal:
    Nu-Metal bands are...
    ...detuned most of the time

    ...heavily distorted

    ...guitar solo-free


    Duz that make Slipknot Nu-Mettal?

    Nu-Mettal is probably just a way of catagorising bands that are different that the older styles (hense the "Nu") It's kinda like the word "Miscellaneous" I suppose...

  13. Yeah, I'm sure that's pretty much it. It's gotta have a name, right?

    I have no idea if Slipknot's Nu-Metal. I just put them under "Noise", works for me.
  14. According to Audiogalaxy's All Genres section:

    "Nu Metal is the post-modern offspring of a variety of influences that came together in the 90s. Combining the look, feel, and macho attitude of Heavy Metal with stylistic elemets heavily indebted to Grunge, Alternative Rock, even Hip Hop and Electronic Music, Nu Metal is the sound of adolescent angst in its most marketable incarnation. Limp Bizkit, Korn, Disturbed and many other bands with similar looks and sounds are prime examples of this genre."

    It continues to name such bands as:

    Limp Bizkit, Incubus, P.O.D., Korn, Alien Ant Farm, System of a Down, Deftones, Papa Roach, Disturbed, Crazy Town, A Perfect Circle, Static X, Saliva and Fear Factory as prime examples of Nu-Metal. Enjoy.
  15. I a few 100 years music will evolve into sooooo many diferent styles that you won't be abe to catogorise them anyway, in most cases all bands are uniqe in a way, so you just catogorise they by the name of the band...

  16. JP Bassman

    JP Bassman

    Jun 18, 2001


    sorry, had to say it...

    so basically the entire modern rock scene is nu-metal? lame is the word that comes to mind. :p
  17. I have 2 examples off of the only Korn album that I know well enough to give examples from:

    Children of the Korn - featuring rapper Ice T
    All in the Family - featuring that guy from Limp Biscuit

    My friend is really into nu-metal, that's how I know that. Me, I'll just stick to punk and reggae.
  18. Ooooh! Ooooh! Label me!! :rolleyes:
  19. melvin


    Apr 28, 2001
    Yeah and neither is Incubus and SOAD
  20. JP Bassman

    JP Bassman

    Jun 18, 2001

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