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    Just picked this up today. Pretty great little looping and micro recording system. Comes bundled with a heavy duty dual extension pedal that can either control looping and rhythm functions or select loops to allow seamless switching between song sections.

    The Loop Core Deluxe is extremely easy to use and within a few minutes anyone can master most of it's advances functions. Great option for someone who wants to experiment with creating loops and layering them. The included drum tracks are various and versatile and it includes 30 4/4 and ten 3/4 time signature selections to choose from. There is a stop selection button that allows you to set either a ten second fade out or to stop at the end of a measure, which allows for clean ends if using the pedal for live performance.

    Another great feature is the separate outputs for instrument and rhythm tracks. You can send the drums and pre-recorded loops to a mixer while sending your live bass to your amp, or send it all to either. You can select speaker simulation when sending your bass to the mixer or frequency correction when sending drums to an amp. Either way the end result sounds great. While some loop pedals somewhat degrade sound quality, the Loop Core Deluxe records up to right hours of full 24 bit audio on up to 99 memory slots.

    My only issue with the unit is that when connected from the amp output to an amp, I cannot hear my bass while recording or playing a loop, but the sound is recorded and does play back. I simply use the mixer out to my amp and everything works and sounds as it should. It almost seems to me as though the outputs are reversed or mislabeled. I do not know if this is a design element that I simply don't understand or if there is an issue with my particular unit, or if there is a setting that I am unaware. That brings me to the user manual, which while being extremely descriptive, somehow managed to supply very little useful information. I have contacted NUX and will update if and when I get a response.

    If you are in the market for a looping pedal, I highly recommend the NUX Loop Core Deluxe Bundle. There is a package deal on Amazon that includes two 6" patch cables, two 10' instrument cables, and two 9V/670ma power supplies for just under $160. Considering the bundle without these accessories is $149 and you need a power supply as the unit will consume batteries very quickly, this package is a no brainier. It is interesting that two power supplies were included by this vendor as while the extension pedal does accept a power supply, it is not required for the pedal to work. The power supply basically only feeds the two LEDs on the EMP2 extension pedal, which by the way is a heavy duty in it's construction as the main loop pedal. The power supplies are low profile with nice, long cords too.

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    “or send it all to either.”
    that’s called mode 4 in the manual.
    But i can’t figure out how, i only get mode 3 (split drums and loop)
    There are only two pic’s in the manual called mode 3 and 4, but they look exactly the same.
    Do you know how this works?