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    Saw someone post one of these on my craigslist whilst looking for a small usb audio interface and I was like - ***?!??!?... sounds like the one to rule them all as a perfect backup swiss army knife stomp box... I mean - preamp - check, DI - double check! Cab sim - checkaroo Fred! IR loader - wait, wha?!??! Audio interface - fuuuu... Re-amp - doh I gotta change my shorts...

    Are they really that cool?!??!? And why hasn't the dood emailed back - I wanted that ten years ago for my portable micro recording rig!!!

    I know there are other threads, this thing is brand new, dunno if I should have appended this onto one of the other previous posts - just really stoked that someone is making something like this. I play bass, but I've been playing a lot of baritone as well as guitar, and with the IR loader - I could easily use this for all three as a DI / interface / reamp solution in one box. So f'ing cool - amiright?!??!?
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  3. It has a great feature set. I'm building a board around one now. I should be able to fire it up next week. I'm still working on getting power to all of the pedals.

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