Nux Phaser Core - dirt cheap phaser

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  1. Just got delivery of this today, only £20 ($34) delivered from here (took a while to arrive from China though):


    How they can sell a pedal for this price with 32-bit DSP, stereo in/out, relay based true bypass switching (like you only usually get on top notch boutique pedals), and even a battery, is beyond me.

    How does it sound? Better than the Small Stone or Phase 90 to me. I've not played with a great deal of phasers, but this one's very versatile and has no low end loss. Speed, Depth, Feedback and a Mix knob, and a 4/8 stage switch. You can even save a preset which you can recall by putting the switch in the middle position.

    Drawbacks? Knobs feel flimsy, like they might break with a clumsy stomp (but I'm quite careful with my stomping). There's also a clicking sound when turning it on and off like some true bypass pedals suffer from. There's also a bit of volume loss if you have the mix set low, like the dry element is a bit too quiet. But this isn't a problem as I set it high and reduce the depth/feedback knobs to make it more subtle.

    But for the price, I'm a happy camper!
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    I've had my eye on the NUX pedals for a while. It's good to hear a TBer comment on one of them. Thanks!
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    I'm curious, are you still using and happy with this pedal?
  4. I'm using a Phase 90 now, mainly since it doesn't click when activating, and the single knob makes it easy to tweak the speed with my foot. Still a bargain pedal though!
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    Apr 22, 2013
    I had the nux mod core (since let my guitar player "borrow" it indefinitely). Absolutely had to try it at the price it's outstanding. Agree with OP about the floppy knobs though. Would be worth rehousing though in my opinion. If the phaser is any similar it's absolutely worth the money!

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    I have the flanger and the knobs do not feel flimsy at all and there is no clicking sound at all when I engage the switch.