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NY Gig Spam -- Santi Debriano

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [DB]' started by Freddels, May 13, 2006.

  1. Freddels

    Freddels Musical Anarchist

    Apr 7, 2005
    Sutton, MA
    you’re invited to an evening of new compositions by

    Bassist/Guitarist/ Composer SANTI DEBRIANO

    Santi will be premiering his new work for latin jazz quartet, the Magic Circle Ritual Suite.

    On Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006 8:00pm

    Bahai Center
    53 East 11th Street
    New York, NY 10003
    (between Broadway & University)
    Telephone: 212-674-8998
    advance tickets can be purchased by calling 212-222-5159.
    sets at 8 and 10pm
    $15 cover charge, $10 for students

    performing with Santi will be

    MARK TURNER- tenor saxophone

    Acclaimed tenor saxophonist Mark Turner is considered to be among the most influential voices on sax of his generation


    A masterful pianist and bandleader from Brazil, Helio and Santi have collaborated together for a decade.


    Recently arrived from Cuba, Ernesto’s drumming virtuosity is constantly in demand on the NY jazz scene.

    “… a joyful expression of life, celebrating, in the course, music from various parts of the world. The music is beyond strict categorization; although it is decidedly within the inclusiveness of the jazz tradition... beautiful melodies, sophisticated harmonies, and varied rhythmic movements [and] pungent solo work."
    -Russell A. Roberts, L.A. Jazz Scene, on Circlechant CD, by Santi Debriano

    Visit www.debrianoarts.com
  2. Tbeers


    Mar 27, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Sounds nice (and cheap for a student like me, hehe).

    I just want to point out that Bahai is one of the coolest religions ever. Though I'm biased as a student of Persian (the faith originated in Tehran), it really is a religion whose principles are difficult to argue against. A lot would be different in the Middle East right now if Bahai had really caught on.

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