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  1. Anyone have a reccomendation as to a good setup shop on Long Island? I went to a place and the owner took my (new to me) used bass and kinda fondled it a bit and then said "so whats wrong with it? You want it re-strung and tuned up?"(it has new strings and is in tune!)
    At this point I realized he hadn't been filling his head with TB info on how important proper 'setup' is and I took my bass home.
    I already went through the 'trouble' of setting it up the best I can, with setting some action, adjusting the pickups ...(this isn't rocket science), and the instrument plays nice enough, sounds good, but I would like a PRO to set it up ... i imagine it makes a nice difference ... no? Am I waisting my time and money? I imagine not ...
    Any tips would be appreciated.
  2. I would go to mrgearhead.com and follow their setup guides there. It sounds like you've already started to set up your bass, this will help you finish it. They will show you all the tools you need ,and how to do all the adjustments yourself. I think that this way, you will know how to do it, and you'll know when something isn't right. Plus, you can set up all of your basses exactly the same. I think that you've already seen that there are all different levels of "pros" out there. There is nothing like setting your own bass up, and knowing its done right. Hopefully Nino will reply, he lives in your neck of the woods. That way if you decide not to do your own set ups, you'll have some ideas to where to take your bass. p.s. Do it yourself!!! You'll love it!!

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