For Sale NYC Local Only: Epiphone Thunderbird Classic with or without Case

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    New York
    *Sorry, I'm selling this locally in Brooklyn only*

    I just got this beauty a few weeks ago (used) in a wild and fun bass shopping spree, but now I realize I got too much stuff. This is the model with the Gibson pickups and the neck-through design. Bass is in great shape, with only a small nick on the tip of the head (barely worth mentioning) and some screwdriver wear on the bridge screw adjustments. Sounds amazing and feels great.

    Now the case is in a little less great shape, but it serves its purpose. The material scratches easily and it shows, and there is a metal foot missing. It is the Epiphone branded case. You don't have to buy the case if you don't want, as I have another TBird I can use it for. I'd be willing to sell it if you really want it since my other TBird never leaves the studio. Up to you.

    Price with case is $450
    Price without case is $400

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