NYC Mutron III+ envelope filter w/AC power supply $175

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  1. The legendary effect made famous by Bootsy and other funk pioneers is back! The Mu-Tron III+, with it's greasy funk wah sound, is a faithful reproduction of the original Mu-Tron III. Improvements include a notch filter on the mode selector and updated circuitry to eliminate unwanted noise. The Mu-Tron III+ is one of the few effects that is sensitive to a musicians' playing style. The effect shifts the frequency in response to changes in an instruments volume. The result is a unique sound for every musician who plays with the Mu-Tron III+. The pedal operates off of two 9 volt batteries and it also comes with an AC adapter. $299 new w/AC power, my price is $175. Buyer pays shipping (not much.)
    Chris Parker