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NYC, NJ, CT, Boston & Philly Talkbassers...

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by miko, Sep 13, 2003.

  1. heya-

    i think i'm gonna put this in miscellaneous, too, coz i'm not sure if it's in the right section.

    but joe nerve's thread got me wondering about the whole band promo thing, and the importance of letting people know who you are, so i was wondering if it's cool to ask any of you in the above mentioned areas for an e-mail addy, so i can tell you when we're playing. we're trying to play more gigs in those areas, and also eventually chicago, ohio and d.c.

    it would be cool to get a little support, and return the favor when your gigs come up. maybe you can bring a friend and show the love, ya know?

    name of the band is smogg and our schedule for right now is

    Fri. Sept. 19th - Plaza Cafe, Yonkers, NY
    Sat. Oct. 4 - Infrared Lounge, NYC
    Fri. Oct. 10th - Connections, Passaic, NJ
    Mon. Oct. 20th - Arlene Grocery, NYC

    we should be adding more dates and i'll post then as the dates approach. but hopefully you can check us out. we're also trying to get empress ballroom in danbury, ct. , which is an all-ages venue.

    lemme know-

    our link:

  2. brooklyn.

    we're finalizing dates on gigs at southpaw and northsix. these places are cool.

    also waiting to hear from luna lounge, sin-e, pianos and i forgot who else.

    point being we're hitting nyc, brooklyn and jersey more.


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