NYXL on Ibanez BTB- Dead B after 3 days???? Did I do something?

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  1. I put a set of NYXL 45-130's on my Ibanez BTB675. It had been happily playing with DR Pure Blues strings, but I needed to move the DR's to my Yamaha TRBX605 to see if those would improve the sound over the stock D'Addarios (and they did). I was talked into trying the NYXL's on my Ibanez. And for the most part they sound good... Except last night as I'm tuning before practice, going from string 1 to 5 I hear ping, ping, ping ping, thud. ***? I know that a low B has difficulty having any character that low, but I didn't have this issue with the original crappy old D'Addarios or the DR PB's or even the temporary strings that came off the Yamaha.

    Could I have done something to make the string go dead after two days? Did they need to be crimped like the DR's before cutting and winding? I don't understand what happened.
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    Dec 4, 2014
    Jkt, IDN
    That BTB675 of yours has Mono Rail II bridges, which IME are best used with taperwound low B strings. So, I suggest getting the NYXL 130T taperwound single to replace that already thudded string.

    Note that you need to raise the saddle a tad when installing taperwound string.
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  3. Thanks. Can you explain what taperwounds are exactly? I've heard of them and don't want to presume to know what they are by the name. Obviously there is a taper somewhere, but I'm not sure how they are constructed differently.
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    I recall that SR and BTB string bass use elixir nano as stock string before they change to EXL.
    The B string is tapered ,sound clear and balance with others string.

    Maybe you should try elixir.
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  6. I see.. So the thickest part of the string ends before reaching the bridge saddle. Thanks.

    Based on my experience with Elixirs on acoustics I'm not a particular fan, particularly as they are significantly more expensive for a relatively inexpensive process that may or may not extend string life. They may be worth a try at some point, but right now they aren't on my radar. But thanks for the suggestion.
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    Dec 4, 2014
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    This is exactly...

    Mine is the BTB685SC, which is like a generation after OP's BTB675. It came stock with Elixir Nickel Nanoweb which had a taperwound low-B string.

    For replacements, I opted for stainless steel strings to brighten up the rather dark sounding stock Bartolini BH1 pickups, thus I bought D'Addario Flex Steels 4 string set with an additional single string for the low-B so I could get taperwound low-B string, as opposed to non-taper one if I had bought the low-B in the set of 5.
  8. I think that's the way I'm going to have to go from now on. A 4 set and a single.
  9. UPDATE:

    D'Addario sent me two new bass B strings, one tapered and one regular. I've got the tapered one on there now and boy does it have ping and sustain. It rings forever. Maybe a hair brighter than the others at this moment but it's minutes old compared to a week+ for the other strings. Intonating is really challenging on the low B. Even my Korg Pitchblack or Korg CA40 has trouble finding a stable pitch. The Pitchblack sort of hunts for a pitch and struggles. The CA40's needle just kind of meanders around the B depending on how long the string rings. I sort of had to use the tuners to get close and then fine tune by ear [yeah, I know it should be the other way around, but I think I have good ears].
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    Dec 4, 2014
    Jkt, IDN
    challenging to intonate or to tune? Seems you were talking about tuning.

    Don't know how long have you owned a bass with low-B... IME (of using a bass with low-B since 25+ years ago), it's way easier to use 12th fret harmonic to tune low-B string (as oppose to open string tuning).
  11. Yeah, I know about the 12 fret harmonic. It's about the only way to truly get the tuners to see that low B quickly. The tapered B had a lot of overtones and that made it a bit of a challenge to get the intonation nailed down. I think I finally got it, but not as easily as other strings, guitars or basses.

    In another thread the question was posed as the best tuner for bass and a couple of folk unequivocally answered "Pitchblack". I dunno... My Pitchblack is a little slow identifying the notes. My CA40 is way ahead of it and more straight forward. Maybe I'm not using correctly for bass.
  12. I once had a chance to use a friend's Pitchblack. The worst tuner I had ever used; very finicky and unstable. No thanks. I'll stick with my trusted Boss TU3.
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    I've used a TU3 for so long I've forgotten how long. I just got a new D'Addario pedal tuner that I like better.
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  14. I hear you guys on your favorite tuners. The low B is the only one that is a bit difficult to get the tuners to read. Harmonics usually gets the job done. But what seems to work pretty well are my two tuners working in tandem. I like the needle like you guys have on the TU3 but the strobe provides confirmation and also gives me a mute switch which I can use instead of volume roll-off when not playing.

    BTW... Now that the tapered B has been on a couple days, it was the right call. Thanks to whomever suggested it. Now the timbres match across the bass and I'm actually getting tone on the B string instead of pseudo-pitches. Also I'm now aware of "witness points" and making sure to get my strings settled in properly on all my guitars and basses. Also thank you.

  15. I don't know which "TU3" you're talking about, but mine is heck of a lot more accurate than your "dual-tuner" setup. (I've used both, though individually and not together.) I can simply step on it to mute my bass as well.

    That being said, I will be putting my TU3 to the test later this week as I will be acquiring my first 5-string bass. ;)
  16. I'll be interested to know how well it does with that low B.
  17. Sure, I'll report back.
  18. Just a follow-up...

    I just tuned my new Yamaha TRBX505 using the BOSS TU3, and it worked just fine as it was able to pick up on the open low B just as quickly and surely as the other four.
  19. Great. So how do you like the bass?
  20. So far, so good. Looks and feels like a well-designed and well-built bass for the money. Considering this is my first 5-string bass, I'm surprised how comfortable it feels to play on already.