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NYXL on Ibanez BTB- Dead B after 3 days???? Did I do something?

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by vindibona1, Apr 29, 2018.

  1. Congrats! I like the color you picked. I told you it was comfortable and easy to play. I'm curious as to you impression with the stock strings, then with the string replacement. Which strings did you order?
  2. The stock strings (D'A EXL170-5) seem to do a fairly decent job, although it's nothing to write home about. The low B has surprisingly good clarity and definition unlike some fivers I've tried in the past.

    I will be dressing it up with the GHS Pressurewound ML7200 (44-58-80-102) + 128-B first thing next week.
  3. I'll be interested to know what you think of the Pressurewounds vs the 170's. I knew the strings were D's based on the colored end barrels and didn't know if they were the 170's or something more generic. I've got 170BT's on my 4 string that have been on for a couple months and I think it now sounds a lot like a P bass having now lost most of its brightness and sounds nothing like my 5 string J bass with Pure Blues strings on it, nor my Yamaha for that matter.

    I truly wish I had (past or present) to try the 505. I'm thinking it may sound better than the 605 because of the mahogany body. I'm extremely surprised that I haven't seen any Yamaha basses in any of the stores except their very basic $100 entry level bass. It's surprisng because Chicago is sort of a guitar Mecca. We've got 5 GC's, 2 Sam Ash's CME, Music Gallery, Guitar Works and a bunch of other mom and pop stores... and none carry Yamaha. This really surprises me because in terms of Yamaha pianos, flutes, clarinets and brass instruments you can't go into any legit music stores without tripping over Yamaha to get to the other brands. I had to go with the 605 untested, only knowing I could send it back if I didn't like it. Again, I would have loved to compare the two models side by side.
  4. I've tried both the PW ML7200 (44-58-80-102) and the D'A EXL170BT (45-60-80-105) on my J bass. I love the extra punch and crunch I get from the PWs without the zingy top end. In comparison, the XL Nickels sound rather tinny and even "wimpy". When I was looking to get an active 5-string, I didn't want anything too bright. I'm very happy with what I'm hearing out of my new Yamaha so far, but hoping the PWs will add more muscle where I want it.

    I was born and raised in Japan, where everybody knows what the name "Yamaha" stands for. Yet the name never even crossed my mind when I started shopping around for a new bass. It was an eye-opening experience when I learned what they had to offer in terms of basses that are feature-rich yet affordable without compromising on overall quality. Now all of a sudden, those new Fender basses hanging in every music store seem outrageously over-priced.
  5. Not only are Fender basses over-priced compared to what you can get with other brands (even their own Squier line) but significantly downgraded in quality, at least in their mid-level products.

    I was lucky to have stumbled onto a 2010 MIM 5 string jazz bass a few weeks back and made a great deal for it. The quality of that 2010 bass to what I see hanging on the racks today is night and day. My bass easily competes with the MIA Professional that sells for $1600. No difference in sound. At least as good playability. The current MIM's seem to be of lesser quality than their Squier VM counterparts (I tested side by side). Audere pre-amp to be delivered for it this afternoon for my 5er. Should be interesting.
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